One Word Sunday: Missing

Debbie’s theme for this One Word Sunday is ‘Missing’.

Someone who has been missing from my back yard landscape view for quite some time, is Alli-Baba. I don’t know where he’s been hiding during the pandemic, but he’s obviously safe and well and now back in business. He has grown quite a lot and isn’t such a ‘baba’ any more. Here we caught him just hanging out quite close to the bank, probably looking for dinner options. i sent hubby out to take the photo, because he’s tougher than me and doesn’t look as tasty. Only Alli’s head was visible above water, with the remainder of his large body hidden from view, but I’m sure you can imagine the missing eight to ten feet.

I hope your Sunday is a relaxing one and of course wish all of my American followers a very happy 4th of July.

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I Spy on Saturday

Some people have fairies at the bottom of the garden, other people have something a bit more sinister. There he is, sunning himself. I bet he hasn’t even paid his club membership or his property tax.

DSCN6321Have a great weekend. I’m off to choose different wall tiles for my bathroom. When the granite tops was installed on Thursday, and hubby started sticking on the tiles yesterday, it became obvious that the ones we’d bought a couple of months ago, were totally wrong. What a bother! Why does nothing ever look the same as in the showroom once you get it home?