Nature from my bathroom window!

A very timely visit for my 6th day of the ‘7 Days of Nature Challenge’. Looking out of my bathroom window yesterday afternoon, I thought I saw a smallish ‘dinosaur’ creeping towards the house. Maybe this is Iggy Jr’s dad or even his granddad. They’re not quite so cute when they get to be 6 feet long, are they? I took this shot through the glass then went outside to have a closer look.


As soon as he spotted me, he started off towards the water at quite a cracking pace.


He’d decided “Enough with the paparazzi already!” and quickly plopped into the lake.


Thanks to Anna of ‘Una Vista Di San Fermo’ for inviting me to do my second round of the ‘7 Days of Nature’ challenge. If you would like to join in, just post a nature photo on seven consecutive days and link to my blog, so I can come over and admire them.

I’m also linking this to Jude’s garden photography challenge, ‘Get a little closer’.


Happy Thursday to you all.

My Sunday Photo: Just Fluttering By

“Butterflies are not insects, they are self-propelled flowers.” ~ Robert A Heinlein

On Thursday the Queen’s 90th birthday, just next to the path by the gym was this beautiful ‘Monarch’ butterfly. She stayed just long enough for me to get an iPhone pic, whilst other gym members came scurrying by, not even curious to see what I was taking a photo of. You can miss so much beauty in nature if you don’t take the time to stop to look.


This is also my 2nd day of the ‘7 Days of Nature Challenge’. Thanks to Anna of Una Vista Di San Fermo, for nominating me to do this again.  If any of you nature lovers would also like to also join in, please do. I’m also linking this to Jude’s ‘Get a little closer’ Garden Photography Challenge.

Happy Sunday to you all.


Anatole has a green rival for our attention

I think that Iggy must have seen my Monday post with Anatole showing off his beautiful orange dewlap. There were many complimentary comments, and people obviously found the dewlap display most impressive. Yesterday, not to be outdone, Iggy our resident lime-green rock star was waiting for me on the same rockery. “C’mon out with that camera and I’ll show you my party trick too.”


“Can’t have that small fry Anatole getting all the limelight. Now just make sure you get a really good shot. One to get ready, two to be steady, three to prepare and Ta-Da! ”


“How do you like that? Pretty impressive hey? It might not be clockwork-orange, but it sure tones much better than Anatole’s does; far more classy in my humble opinion.  Now I’m sure they’d also love a view of my spiny ridge. Don’t I just look like a mini dinosaur?”


“I’ve been told that my left profile is my best side. What do you think? Am I handsome or what?”


He really pulled out all the stops to impress you all, but all of a sudden our young Iggy got tired of the attention and scuttled down into the shade. “It’s just so exhausting being a celebrity. Let’s see how my WP ratings go, and maybe I’ll pose again for you and your friends some other time.”


This post is linked to Jude’s ‘Photography In The Garden Get A Little Closer’ challenge.

A very happy Thursday to you all.


Another ‘Mundane Monday’ visitor in my backyard

The old rock water feature in our backyard will one day be restored and incorporated into the lanai, but until then it serves as a favourite hangout for many fascinating critters.

Anatole the Brown Anole lizard loves baking in the sun. I crept outside to do a photo shoot with him, and at first he didn’t seem notice me.


After the first few photos, I think the beep of my camera alerted him to the presence of a ‘rival’ for his territory. He started furiously bobbing his head up and down and also did a few push-ups, as if to say,”Hey you!  This is my spot, and I’m busy working on my tan. Just back off now.”


When that little display of bad temper didn’t work, he flashed his psychedelic-orange dewlap at me. “How’s this for intimidating? I hope you’re suitably impressed. Now just get lost!” Okay, I’d got my photos, so I left him in peace to continue his siesta in the Florida sunshine.


If you have any ‘Mundane Monday’ photos, pop over to Jithin at ‘Photrablogger’ and join in the fun.  I’m also linking to Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge which is looking for close-ups and macros this month.

Today I’m taking some time off from sawdust sweeping to go gallivanting with a couple of girlfriends. We’ll have lunch and do a bit of shopping. Hope you’re all in for a great week.


Garden Photography Challenge: The Aliens Have Landed

An amazing new visitor showed up on our rockery yesterday. I’ve never seen anything quite so weird in my backyard. Meet Basil the Brown Basilisk. His generic name basiliscus is taken from the creature of Greek Mythology made up of parts of a rooster, snake and lion. It could turn a man to stone by its gaze, so don’t look too closely into those eyes. When facing danger these lizards have been known to run 10-20 metres on water without sinking.


He was closely followed up the rockery by young Iggy Junior, wearing his bright green shirt and leggings. His family have been residents here for a while, so he was watching Basil with some interest to see if there was any threat to their territory. Eventually, Basil slunk off , as there was no way that his drab brown jacket could possibly compete with the gaudy attire of Iggy Jr..


As you can see, there’s never a dull moment here, which is just as well, or I’d run out of photos for Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge, which for the month of April is ‘Close-Ups or Macros’.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Six Word Saturday: Iguanas haven’t discovered my orchid yet.

Went out to inspect my orchid this morning, and am pleased to report that it hasn’t been munched, and is really making splendid progress.


Thankfully Mr. Iggy and family mostly stay in the backyard.


The defunct rock water feature seems to be a favourite sunbathing spot amongst the reptiles living here.


They also love this tree stump.


Hubby told me found this one inside the house a couple of days ago and chased it out the door.


My almost dead orchid which had been forgotten about and left to fend for itself in the garage after we moved, has been rescued and tied to the palm tree outside my bathroom window. Hope it’s happy there. If it get flower buds, I’ll be sure to show you, as long as you promise not to tell Iggy.


Hope you’re all having a splendid weekend. It’s a sparkling Florida spring day here.

I’m also linking this to Jude’s April Garden Photography Challenge ‘Get a Little Closer’.




Garden Close-Ups: Sammy Squirrel Does The Leopard Crawl

This month, Jude is asking us to ‘get a little closer’ for her ‘Garden Photography Challenge’.

Did you ever see a squirrel doing the ‘Leopard Crawl’? Sammy seems to have perfected the art.


The only time I tried this was when we were living in Johannesburg. After a particularly strenuous aerobics class at the gym, I was so zonked that I couldn’t remember the code to switch off the burglar alarm when I arrived home, so I tried leopard crawling down the passage to avoid the security beams. If I could just manage to get to the main bedroom, I would be able to quickly switch it off at the box inside the closet. I almost made it, but not quite, and suddenly there was a loud wailing of sirens. The security company sent out a car to investigate and I was so flustered standing at the door still wearing my lycra gym outfit, that I still couldn’t remember the code. I was really mortified that I had to phone hubby  at work to vouch for me. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Hope you’re all having a splendid Thursday.