Mundane Monday: Idling Iguanas amongst Wildflowers

In my backyard, prehistoric-looking monsters seem to be the mundane order of the day. Looking out of my bathroom window, as I am often wont to do, I would be most surprised if there wasn’t at least one scaly creature creeping up on me.


The more energetic members of the Iggy family like to climb up the tree next to the house and sunbathe on the roof. Can you see that beady eye peering at you through the palm fronds, just right of centre?


The more lethargic ones just dream their day away amongst the wildflowers. (Jude is still looking for wildflowers for her ‘May Garden Photography Challenge’).


I think young Ignatius is dreaming of asking Ignatia for her scaly foot in marriage.


Ignatia, looking very serene,  is probably dreaming of a good-looking prince who after only one kiss will turn into a handsome Iguana.


Poor Basil the Basilisk is a loner and I don’t think he’ll ever find true love, even though he has the look of a bank manager and could be quite a good catch for some young Lizzie.


How’s your Monday going? If you have any ‘Mundane’ photos which show some kind of beauty, you can pop them over to Jithin at Trablogger for his ‘Mundane Monday Challenge’.

Wishing you all a splendid week, and a very happy and mindful Memorial Day to all my American friends.


Garden Photography: Wildflowers in my backyard

For the month of May, Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge is looking for ‘Wildflowers’.  Here’s a very pretty one that lines the edge of the water in my backyard. I think they are  Wild Quinine, although I’m not entirely sure of this.


Iggy & Co. can often be seen hiding among them.


Have a wonderful Thursday. It’s a sparkling day here in Florida after yesterday’s welcome rain. Tonight we’re going out with friends to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate ‘Cinco de Mayo’. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Pueblo on May 5, 1862. Any excuse for a party here in America.