There’s a ‘Gator in my backyard.

Since our recent return to our house in Florida, I’ve been rather puzzled by the distinct lack of birdlife. Where was everybody? Even the ducks who used to float by several times a day, were absent. Mr. GBH has only put in a single appearance, just to let me know that he’s still around, and I’ve seen a couple of Great Egrets flying overhead, but other than that, the place has been sadly deserted.

Yesterday the mystery might have been solved, when this fearsome creature was seen gliding right past our back yard.


A sassy Tricolored Heron strutted along the bank, almost keeping pace with him, and seemed to be giving Mr. A the ‘evil eye’. I could almost hear him calling, “Get out of here, and leave the fishing to us birds!”


Mr. A, totally unperturbed, called back, “Here’s  looking at you, kid!” before continuing on his merry way.


I then remembered how much the same thing had happened a couple of years ago, and once ‘Mr. Smiley’ was gone, the birds all came back again.