Wordless Wednesday: The Bull and the Goddess

This striking statue of a life-size bronze bull seemingly bursting up through the paving bricks of Cathedral Square in Breisach am Rhein, was created in 2000 by local artist, Helmut Lutz. Standing on the bull’s back, is the nude figure of a woman, reaching for a star.


The statue commemorates the early vote in 1950 to form a united Europe, and is based on the story in Greek mythology, in which Zeus in the form of a bull, abducts the Phoenician princess Europa.



‘Thumbs Up’ for Wordless Wednesday

I’m going to be wordless for the next few days, as it’s hubby’s 70th birthday tomorrow, and our daughter is flying down from Johannesburg this evening to help her dad celebrate this important milestone. She’ll be staying until Monday, so my blogging will have to take a back seat.

What does one buy for a 70-year-old who says that he has everything he could ever want?  The answer is, two Nike running shirts, so that he can look much smarter on his 8km runs. I bet there aren’t many men his age who can runs this far without pausing for breath, so it’s thumbs up to hubby, and wishing him continued fitness and lots more good health in the next 70 years.


PS: I know this post isn’t wordless, but really, have you ever known me not to have something to say? Hubby would definitely say “Amen to that.”