Pull Up A Seat With Grandchildren

For XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’, here are a few seats which my grandchildren have enjoyed playing on in recent years.

The local mall has a play area for when they come to visit us in Florida.


It’s always wonderful to see children enjoying simple pleasures.


Who of us doesn’t remember the thrill of playing on the swings in the local park? Some things never change.


When Sienna came to visit us in Johannesburg she wasn’t too old to enjoy the playground swings.


Likewise with the rides in the shopping mall.


A few years ago, this was my teenage grandson’s favourite seat as he wobbled around on his unicycle which he’d bought with our birthday money. He actually became quite proficient  on it, but alas such fads blossom and then die, so it now languishes in a corner of the garage.


Thanks for looking at my nostalgic photos.  To join in XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat ‘ challenge, just click the link. I hope you’re all having a good day.


Keep Calm and Scary On

I’m so thankful to you all for your good wishes after my eye operation. I really appreciate my wonderful friends on WordPress, and am happy to report that my sight is improving every day. Although I still have the gas bubble bobbing around in my right eye, it is definitely getting lower, and it now seems that I’m peering over the top of it. Hopefully it will soon disappear altogether,  and my eye will be back to normal.

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Halloween and to show you the pumpkin carvings done by my three NJ grandchildren. My son sent me these photos yesterday.

I think that five-year-old Max did a scarily good job.


His older sister Taylor, managed to come up with an awesome owl/bear.


Big sister Sienna, created a very good likeness of herself, inside her pumpkin lantern.


My sister has driven down the hill to see me, a few times this last week, and on Wednesday our daughter is flying down from Johannesburg to spend a few days with us. I also see my eye doctor on Wednesday morning, and will then find out how soon I’m allowed to fly. We are hoping to leave on November 15th for England to see hubby’s 103-year-old Mom, and will then be back home in Florida on the 22nd.

Hope you all have a great week, and that tonight is just scary enough for you who are celebrating Halloween.


WPC: Family Having Fun

The Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Fun’ made me think of my grandchildren who really know how to have fun.

Here they are with their mom in a wind tunnel machine at the South Florida Science Center , being almost blown away. Not my idea of fun, but they so enjoyed it.


Sienna’s happy smile says ‘I’m having fun.”


My oldest granddaughter Tamsyn had lots of fun at our Christmas lunch with Great Grandma in England.


On the way home, I inexplicably got caught up in a bit of fun with two court jesters at Heathrow airport and hubby captured the moment.


If you have any fun photos to share, just click the badge and be sure to have a fun Wednesday. 🙂

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016





Christmas Horseplay at The Fox Inn

Some of you expressed astonishment after my last post, that a dog was allowed into a pub in England. I checked to see what the policy is regarding dogs in such establishments, and found that there are no restrictions preventing dogs from being in areas where food is being served as long as the individual business puts in place measures to prevent a dog from having access to the kitchen and food storage areas.

The historic Fox Inn is where sixteen of our family enjoyed a delicious five course Christmas lunch. It was formerly a late 17th century cottage, and an 18th century attached house, which served as the parish ‘Poor House’ before becoming an ale house.


At the front, it has what is known as a ‘Catslide’ roof where the end extends almost to the ground. This conjures up a very funny picture in my mind, of cats having lots of fun at night, sliding down the roof.


The Fox currently has a resident dog, a three-legged B&W Collie, who gets lots of love and attention from the customers, including my two grandchildren.


On Christmas morning there was a large gathering of locals waiting to see the horse which was due to come into and right through the pub. This tradition has something to do with keeping the bridle path open to the public, and so I was told, dates back to the 16th or 17th century.


He was extremely well-behaved and ridden by a young girl who kindly posed outside for photos.


I still have a few more photos from Christmas, but they will have to wait for another day. Right now, I have to get out of my house, as our realtor is coming to show someone around. Think I’ll go and hang out at the gym, so I’ll catch up with you all later.


This time last week……Delicious lunch and swinging benches

It doesn’t seem like a whole week has passed since we were on our way home from a fabulous few days in Key West. Our son and his family were headed to Miami for the weekend, and we all stopped off for lunch at the beautiful resort town of Islamorada, which is about ninety minutes south of Miami.


The waterfront restaurant ‘Marker 88’ looked very popular and the food was excellent. Here’s my scrumptious and super fresh shrimp salad, which I never wanted to end.


We ate inside, because there were no shady tables left outside and it was really hot. Afterwards, the children had some fun with one of the swinging benches. In fact, Max got that bench swinging so hard that we had to rescue the salt and pepper pots. ( I guess this qualifies for Jude’s colourful bench challenge.)


If we’d had more time to spend, and it hadn’t been so stinging hot, we would have sat here for a little siesta after lunch.


Hubby and I are thinking that we should return here for a few days out of summer season. It’s not as vibrant as Key West, but looked far more relaxing and is only half the distance to drive.


Wishing you all a great weekend. Have lots of fun.