A Very Soggy Iggy

Today is one of those grey, rainy days with no critters outside my bathroom window. Even Sammy hasn’t been to inspect the fresh supply of birdseed in the feeder. Mr. GBH made a very brief appearance across the other side of the water, and the Anghina,  looking quite dejected, took shelter in the branches of the fir trees.


The Iggy delegation which usually puts in an appearance around 9:30 am, was absent today. I was wondering where it is that they disappear to every day at 5:30 pm almost on the dot, and whether it’s quite sheltered from the rain, when I suddenly spotted a very soggy and lonely looking Iggy laying in the grass. He looked across at my window, as if to say. “It’s alright for you. You have a nice cosy bathroom to keep dry in. If that window opened, I’d be in there in a jiffy. ”


Hope your day is going better than Iggy’s.


A Singles’ Weekend.

I saw quite a lot of single creatures over the weekend, who all seemed to have a song to sing.

First up was Iggy’s rendition of The Beatles’…. “She came in through the bathroom window.” Yikes!


Sammy was singing his remake of Bing Crosby’s ” Swingin’ on a Star/Bird-Feeder.”


Mr Anhinga, sitting way over in the pine trees didn’t have a date for Saturday night and mournfully sang Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely.”


Mr. Blue Jay has just released his own cover version of Guy Mitchell’s “Singing The Blues.”


The Northern Cardinal was looking rather unhappy without his “Lady in Red.”


Daisy Duck was paddling around searching for “Danny Boy.”


Serious Basil the Basilisk who seems destined to stay single, gave a rather staid performance of Cliff Richard’s “Bachelor Boy.”


Last but not least is little Anatole the Anole, who having found himself a desirable residence right next to my front door, spends his days singing Queen’s ” Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love.”


I hope you all had a splendid weekend and that your week will not be a lonely one.




The Mystery of the Disappearing Birdseed

Lots of rain and clouds here in the past few days. Today, the Blue Jay popped in to check out the bird feeder.


Whatcha looking at, lady?

He and his mates chased off the red-bellied woodpecker before I could get a decent photo.


“Those mean old Blue Jays just don’t want to share. “

My Backyardigan friends can be quite demanding, and when it comes to food, they squabble a lot.


“Time to fill my feeder up again. That greedy rascal Sammy squirrel has shaken out most of my seeds and gobbled them up.”


“Who, me!?? Look, I’m not eating your seeds, am I? Just get your facts straight!”


Basil, who’s supposed to be on look out duty, didn’t see a thing.


Iggy says,”I really can’t point fingers, because I’m too busy munching all the leaves off this hibiscus bush.”


Grandpa Igasho says, “Just cool it will you!  All these accusations make my hair stand on end.”

Well, I guess we’ll never get to the bottom of it, so the only thing to do is buy another bag of bird/squirrel seed.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday.


Bubo the owl is back

Yesterday afternoon, I looked out of my bathroom window and apart from a couple of Iggys, there was nothing much to see.


I had a strange feeling that I was being watched, and peering up into one of the palm trees, I spied Bubo the Great Horned Owl, sitting on the same branch that I saw him on last week. I see that his horns have grown quite a bit.


His fancy name is ‘Bubo Virginianus’, and these owls can grow to almost two feet tall. Another name for the Great Horned Owl is the ‘Tiger Of The Sky’, probably because of the stripes. This morning, he was still there, and when I opened my blind he was looking right at me. I no longer believe hubby when he tells me that no-one can see into my bathroom from outside. Young Bubo really had me in his sights, even from 30 feet.


I was curious to find out whether owls eat iguanas, and read that they are one of the iguanas’ natural enemies, and will eat hatchlings and juveniles. Maybe Bubo is going to save us from becoming overrun by these green critters with the long claws. .


Wishing you all a very happy Monday and an awesome month of August.



WPC: Details of a Green ‘Peeping Tom’

Yesterday morning, Mr. Igasho decided to take a flying leap at the bush outside my bathroom window. It gave a me a chance to examine him in a bit more detail.


I think he probably was thinking the same about me. “Hmm…..Lets have a closer look at this human who is always taking my photo.”


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Have a great day. I’m off to the gym with my new neighbour. We motivate one another to go every other day.



WPC ‘Look Up’

Nancy Thanki’s theme for this weeks photo challenge is ‘Look Up’, so I went outside to my backyard to see what I could see above me.

One of the palm trees has suddenly sprouted a rather interesting looking flower.


The one next to it is doing something quite different.


Of course there’s the ubiquitous iguana sitting looking up next to the water’s edge. He seems to be getting used to me now, and didn’t scuttle away. It’s much too hot for hurrying today.


Returning to the house, I climbed over various boxes and wires to see how hubby is doing. Looking up at the kitchen ceiling, I see that he’s tried out the silver paint on one of the metal panels. I quite like it.


Looking out of the dining room window, I spy yet another Iggy up on the top of next door’s roof.


Think I’ll just go back to my bedroom and look up at the ceiling fan going round. Hopefully, there are no iguanas in here.


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Happy Thursday everyone. .


It’s Wild Out There

It seems that we are being taken over by Iggys these days. Everywhere I look, there are green heads popping up out of the grass, and also peeping at me though the palm tree trunks. “Hi there!”


Igasho is the Grand-Daddy of them all, and lately he’s been spending a lot of time lazing around in our backyard.


He’s beginning to turn orange, which probably means that he’s looking for a mate. Yesterday, I went outside to have a chat and he turned to see who was approaching.


I guess I’m just not his type, because he rather rudely turned his back on me and stalked off with his nose in the air.


Happy Tuesday to you all. Tomorrow i have a very much smaller wild thing to show you.




Six Word Saturday: Six Critters From My Bathroom Window

This morning, I looked out and thought there was an alligator on my neighbour’s lawn across the water.That iguana must be at least 6 feet long!


Then peering down, I noticed that right beneath my window was another one of a very similar size. I think we’re being taken over by these creatures.


Across on the palm tree was Basil the basilisk, looking even more serious than usual.

DSCN9006Sammy squirrel was having a nice upside-down stretch whilst nibbling his breakfast.


Out at the water’s edge, Trini the tri-colored heron was calling out something I couldn’t hear.


Maybe he was just saying, “Good morning” to his buddy Otto the otter.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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Ignatius puts on his happy face

Do you believe that animals can smile? My mom had a little Pomeranian dog who used to greet her with a ‘smile’ when she arrived home. To me, it looked more like a baring of sharp looking teeth and was quite scary, but mom insisted that darling Fluffy was smiling to show she was happy to see her.

Today, I was watching Ignatius as he made his laborious way through the grass towards my bathroom window, where I seem to spend a lot of my time. It’s very hot and humid outside, so can you blame me for preferring to keep watch from my air-conditioned vantage point?


Suddenly he seemed to sense that he was being photographed, and I swear that he smiled for the camera.


Do your pets smile at you? I was reading that although until recently, most animal behaviorists believed that an animal’s use of what we call a smile is no more than a collection of conditioned reflexes that move the muscles in the face, new thinking is now allowing for the possibility that animals are expressing happiness when they ‘smile’. Maybe mom was right after all. Ignatius did look happy to see me.

Happy Thursday to you all, and remember that “A smile is the curve that puts everything straight. Phyllis Diller

Friday snooping on a courting couple

My good friend ‘Restlessjo’ of the ever-wandering feet, had the temerity, or should I perhaps say “impertinence” to tell me that my speciality is “snooping on small creatures”! I guess she’s right, although I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘snooper’. I prefer to call it “observing and recording the peculiar habits of my Floridian Backyardigans.”

This morning, I was just walking to the laundry room, through the obstacle course which is my future living area, when I happened to glance out of my kitchen window. (Yes, it won’t be too long now before I actually have a kitchen.)  Ther in full view, was Ignatius stretched out in the sun on top of what I hope will one day be a beautiful water feature.


Creeping up on him was Igua, his great admirer.


She looked around to check whether Uncle Igasho was watching her advances, but he had abdicated his chaperone duties for the morning, and was  resting in the shade of a palm tree


The two iguanas sat sunning themselves in companionable silence for a while until hubby decided it was time for him to wheel his electric saw outside and make lots of noise cutting up pieces of wood. That put an end to my ‘snooping’, and the loving couple skedaddled as fast as their legs could go. Even Uncle Igasho woke from his daydreaming and retired to the safety of the reeds at the water’s edge. I think he looks slightly miffed at being disturbed.


Wishing you all a very happy and relaxing Fathers’ Day  weekend.