Macro Monday: Passion Butterfly

Through my bathroom window, I spied this pretty Gulf Fritillary, also known as the ‘Passion Butterfly’. She sat very patiently whilst I tried to get her in focus.


This butterfly is very common in the southern United States, and produces multiple generations each year. I wonder if she is a relative of  the poor dead beauty I found at the beginning of May. I think she may have stopped by to say ‘Hi. Thanks for the nice sendoff you gave to my mom.”

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Happy Monday to you all. Hope your week is going to be a really good one.





Mundane Monday: Beauty even in death

Jithin of ‘Trablogger’ believes that there is beauty to be found everywhere even in the most mundane things, if we only look for it.

I went out into the lanai to sweep sawdust, a regular pastime for me these days. There amongst the debris lay a dead butterfly, which I later identified as a  Gulf Fritillary, also known as the Passion Butterfly. I couldn’t possibly just sweep her up with the sawdust, so I took her outside and laid her on a rock in the sunshine. The gorgeous bright orange wings with black spots were almost perfect.


The underside with its flashy iridescent silver markings, is in my opinion even prettier.


A while later, I saw that the breeze had blown her into the pond, where she floated gently on the surface, glistening in the Florida sunshine.  I hope that my post has given this gorgeous lady a decent sendoff, and now she lives forever on WordPress.

Happy Monday to you all, and I hope your week is going to be a good one.