One Word Sunday: Meat/Meet

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ this week, gives us a choice of ‘Meet’ or ‘Meat’.

I’m very fond of taking photos of memorable meals and remembered this outing to a restaurant in Johannesburg with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson, where we’d arranged to meet with two other friends. What a fun outing that was. The place was abuzz with chatter and laughter.

The burgers were a sight to behold and very delicious. Mine was chicken and bacon with lots of extras.

The others chose the more traditional beef burgers, but all contained meat.

I hope I haven’t made you feel hungry with my photos. Now, I’m just longing to go over to South Africa again and meet up with family and friends over a great meal.

Hope your Sunday is going well. If you’d like to join in Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’, just click the link and post your meat/meet photos.

6 Word Saturday: Fifty Years: Living, Loving and Sharing. 

Our 50th wedding anniversary today brings back many memories. Our wedding wasn’t a fancy one and we started off with very little in the way of worldly goods, but our love has conquered all the difficulties we’ve encountered along the way. We are celebrating together here in Santiago Chile. On Monday we join our Patagonia and Antarctica cruise; yet another adventure, and a chance to make more happy memories. Yesterday we ascended to 10,000′ for lunch in the mountains with our excellent guide.


(No, we didn’t actually climb up there. Mauricio drove us up around 60 hairpin bends, and then of course, what goes up must come down, so we harum-scarumed back down again. We then visited a wine farm, where we fortified ourselves with a few sips of excellent Chilean wine.

dscn2063We are spending today in the city, just wandering around and taking in the sights.  We spoke to both our children and some of our grandchildren this morning, and tonight we will enjoy a delicious dinner whilst reminiscing over all the happy times we’ve had.

I wish you all a very happy weekend.


Bench Series#41: Mom and I

Jude’s Bench Series for this month is a bench with someone or something sitting on it. I’ve been thinking about my Mom such a lot today, and just found this photo taken on her birthday in 2013. This was the last time she was able to come down to stay with us in our house at the beach in Umhlanga.  We sat on this bench for a long time, just watching the waves together. It’s good to remember the happy times.


Happy Birthday Sienna

My darling granddaughter Sienna celebrates her ninth birthday today. She was such a cute little baby.


Now she’s an adorable, ‘not so little’ princess.


The really good news is that hubby and I are flying up to NJ next week to be at her birthday party.



Can’t wait to see them all again. It seems such a long time since last Christmas.

Oceans apart in distance and age.

Today is my dear mom’s 89th birthday in South Africa, and it’s also my granddaughter Taylor’s 5th birthday in New Jersey. We celebrated both of these auspicious occasions of course, and went to see mom in the care home. She was sleeping when we arrived, but soon perked up when she saw her lovely chocolate cake that my sister had made for her to share with all the residents and staff, and the flowers, cards and presents which we’d brought. When we got home, we chatted to Taylor and the rest of the family on Skype. She was so excited about her party yesterday. She even had a visit from the Sleeping Beauty Princess, (actually her cousin in a blonde wig, although I’m not sure she realised this). Here are some pics of the two birthday girls with family and friends.

It’s less than ideal when families live so far apart, but thank goodness for Skype video calls and Facebook photos. What ever would we do without them?