Inside Harrods’ Shoe Heaven, for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

Harrods department store, built in the early 1900’s, is one of London’s main tourist attractions, with over 100,000 customers passing through it’s doors every day. Hubby and I always have to go in for a wander when we’re in London. We don’t spend big money in there, maybe a few pounds on a couple of their beautiful mugs, but we do love to explore the seven floors full of of fascinating wares. This is the central Egyptian escalator which was designed for Mohammed Fayed, at a cost of £30 million.





I spotted a sign advertising  ‘SHOE HEAVEN’, so of course we had to head on over there as fast as possible.

The prices were as ridiculous as some of the shoes, and besides which, there wasn’t a single pair that actually waved to me, so to hubby’s great relief, we wandered out of shoe heaven without burning any plastic.

The last department we looked around, was the interior design. I would have taken more photos, but the snooty-looking assistants were hovering everywhere. It looks as though mismatched colours are all the rage this season.


In stark contrast to Harrods’ interior, here is a pic hubby just sent me from our other house. The tile ripper-uppers have arrived and are hard at work. Do you think this distressed look could catch on for next season?


Hop you’ve enjoyed my “from the sublime to the ridiculous” interior pics. Have a great Monday.

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WPC: Endurance – Bizarre Street Performer

The most bizarre street artist I’ve ever seen, was standing on his head outside Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, London. Can you imagine the endurance it must take to stand upside down for hours on end, with one’s head jammed into a bucket?


He gave me the thumbs up, when I put some money in his hat.

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