Feathers On Friday: Blue Flash

This Boat-tailed Grackle posed so nicely for his photo at our local nature reserve.


It’s been a very busy week here especially for hubby, who after finishing all the painting, except for the dining area which has all the wood flooring stacked up in it, immediately started putting the hardwood floor down right through the living area. Yesterday, he said that I could phone to see which day next week my piano could be delivered. The answer came back “Monday morning”, which was a bit sooner than we anticipated, so it’s all go this weekend to lay the floor  before they arrive. I’m so excited about being able to play again and serenade hubby whilst he’s finishing off the rest of the house.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend. Ours will be happy, but it won’t be at all relaxing.


Floral Friday Fotos: Sunny Orchid

I’m feeling very sunny today, just like the weather and this beautiful orchid.


All he spackling and sanding is done and the primer paint is going on the walls and ceilings. This afternoon we’re going to choose the metallic paint for the tin ceilings and the dome. Things are really looking up. The kitchen appliances are arriving next week, and hubby is almost ready to start putting down the wood flooring. Yes, I’m feeling very sunny indeed.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Mundane Monday: Another week, another ceiling.

Life is quite mundane for hubby at the moment, as every day he has to work on the house renovations. He did get quite excited about the tin ceiling panels he’s put up in the TV room though.


Today he’s working on a similar one in the kitchen area. All the appliances and cupboards have been ordered and are on their way, so “Time is of the essence!” as I keep reminding him. 🙂


If you happen to have a mundane photo to share, pop over to Jithin at Photrablogger and enter his ‘Mundane Monday Challenge’.

Wishing you all an interesting and a very happy week.


He came in like a wrecking ball.

Here is an update on the house renovation. Hubby has been having a smashing time all on his own there, ripping up carpets, pulling out bathroom fittings, and destroying rotted kitchen cupboards. If you compare this gallery with the previous pics, it will give you an idea of how much work he’s done in the past week.

The dumpster was gone when hubby arrived there early this morning. Another one will be coming tomorrow, as next week, we have a team with a special machine, coming to rip up all the floor tiles. The old baths and wash basins can also go in the new one, as they were too heavy for the other. Today hubby is busy taking out all the damaged dry wall. He seems to be really enjoying himself, especially as he doesn’t have to worry about the mess and dust and clean up at the end of each day. So far, he’s done everything by himself. The friends we went out for dinner with last night, think this is amazing, as they tend to get someone in just to change a plug. Hope you enjoyed my update. More to come in a week or so.