Bench Series #49: How Jack Daniel kicked the bucket

Here’s another bench for Jude’s Bench Series. This wooden bench seat is in Jack Daniel’s original office at the distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee. The larger than life gentleman sitting on it is Bubba, who was our guide that day and what a character he was.


He was sitting there telling us that it was in this office that Jack Daniels’ fate was sealed when in 1906, he came into work very early to complete some paperwork. He always had trouble remembering the combination for the safe and in his frustration and anger, kicked the safe as hard as he could and broke the big toe of his left foot. The injury became infected and blood poisoning set in resulting in gangrene, so that his foot had to be amputated and later his leg also. The infection continued to spread throughout his body and he died from complications, five years later. I’ve since read that the safe kicking story is only a myth, but as Mark Twain once said, “Why let the facts get in the way of a good story?” 

Happy weekend everyone.







Sunday Stills Challenge: Alcohol….and me

Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge this week, is ‘Alcohol’.

I’m usually a ‘one glass of white wine’ girl, and if I do have more than two glasses when we’re out to dinner, I’m likely to find myself in this sort of situation. This wasn’t my first time, and I hope it won’t be the last. It’s scary at the time, but quite fun to think about after the event.

Serenading hubby with 'I Remember You' at our 40th Anniversary dinner.

Serenading hubby with ‘I Remember You,’ at our 40th Anniversary dinner.

I do enjoy the occasional cocktail, and have been known to have more than one.


A couple of cocktails plus a glass of wine, can result in photos like this.


I haven’t drunk whiskey since my college days, which is just as well, but a few years ago, we were driving from New York to Florida, and decided that as we were passing very close by the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, we may as well pay it a visit to see just how whiskey is made.


The Barrel House with row upon row of oak barrels full of  maturing whiskey, was an impressive sight.


Here is the real deal, waiting to be shipped.


Jack, who was only 5′ 2″ tall, was high up on a pedestal, which makes him look a bit more imposing than he would have if we’d been standing side by side.


There were no free samples, as Lynchburg is a ‘dry’ county, so all we got at the end of the tour was a glass of lemonade. If you would like to see more photos, meet ‘Big Bubba’, and read more about my tour, you can click here.

Do any of you remember Frank Ifield’s 1962 version of the song which I sang to hubby? I’ve been listening to it while I was writing my post. It brought back such happy memories. As I can’t yodel like Frank, I chose to sing it more Dianne Krall style.

Wishing you all a splendid Thursday.