Pull Up A Seat And Relax

It’s time once again for XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’.

Here are a few images of relaxing places to sit a while.

Cats have purr-fected the art of relaxing, and Ravioli who rules my daughter’s house in Johannesburg, is no exception.


This Siamese had commandeered a comfortable place to spend the afternoon.


Watching the waves is a very relaxing sport and one which I’m hoping to do a lot of whilst in South Africa.


Sitting watching the sun set over Montego Bay is a very fond memory for me.


I’m so looking forward to seeing my Mom-in-law in England next week. She’s not looking too bad for almost 106.


Have a great week, everyone and if you’d like to contribute to XingfuMama’s Pull Up A Seat Challenge, just click the link.




Montego Bay Lobsters for Ailsa Travel Theme ‘Orange’

A few years ago, we spent an idyllic week in a beautiful fully-catered villa, overlooking Montego Bay at Roundhill in Jamaica. Here is Luanne our chef,  proudly showing us what she’d bought for our supper one evening. They were so delicious.


Just click here to see Ailsa’s wonderful orange pics, and join in the Travel Theme.

‘Relaxed’ for Frizz’s A-Z Challenge – Tagged “R”

This week, Frizz asks us for  “a photo, a story or a music title” tagged with the letter ‘R’. As I’ve really been missing my hammock since I changed my blog background, I decided to show a photo which to me says, “Relaxed.”


Just me and little Max on a quiet sunny afternoon in Jamaica. A villa overlooking Montego Bay, a hammock, and a great Mary Higgins Clark murder mystery. What more could a granny ask for?