Pull Up A Seat In Key West

XingfuMama’s ‘ Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ is now in its 42nd week.

Last week I shared a couple of life-like sculptures seen in a park in Key West. This week I have more seats seen and photographed in this southernmost point in the US.

We had very comfy seats on our hotel balcony, after inexplicably being upgraded to the honeymoon suite. We weren’t complaining of course.


This beautiful hammock seat was on sale, but unfortunately a bit too big to fit into our car.


Walking down Duval Street, I noticed a bicycle seat with its improvised waterproof cover.


The garden of Ernest Hemingway’s house had a not so comfortable-looking seat next to the pool.


In the drawing room, one of the many resident cats had found a prime spot on a velvet couch displaying a notice telling visitors to please not sit there.


At the end of a very busy day, the grandchildren and their two friends were happy to have a seat on the kerb and enjoy some ice cream.


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Thursday’s Special: Inflated to the Max

This week, Paula tells us:

Inflated is a word that lends itself to quite a few interpretations:

  1. Blown up, puffed out

  2. Raised, escalated

  3. Exaggerated, overstated, embellished

  4. Pompous, pretentious

She invites us to “Use these or some other meaning of inflated to show it in picture.”

Outside the Håagen Dazs ice cream parlor in Key West was this huge cardboard cutout. Of course 4-year-old Max couldn’t resist climbing up there and peeping over the top. It certainly inflated him in size.


To see more inflated images, visit Paula’s blog, by clicking the badge below.




My Sunday Photo: Living the good life in Key West

Boats of all sizes abound in The Keys. Along the the road, we saw lots of vehicles towing boats, and there were hundreds of them stacked up at the various boat retailers along the highway. In Key West, luxury motor yachts regularly zipped their way past our hotel. What a life! I think I could definitely get used to it.



I’ve just seen that this is my 500th post since I restarted my blog 1 year and 9 months ago. Thanks so much to all of you who follow and comment here. ❤


Would you mind an upgrade?

We couldn’t get a booking at the same hotel as our son and family for the Tuesday night, so stayed at ‘Ocean Key Resort and Spa’ just across the road. When we checked in, the young woman behind the desk asked, “Would you mind having the Honeymoon Suite? It’s a little smaller but there’s a great view from the balcony.”


“It’s got a shower and a jacuzzi.”


I replied, “I’d really hate that, but I’m sure we’ll cope.”


Our son offered to trade us for their room with a view of the car park, on condition we also had the three grandchildren for the night. I really love him to bits, but there are limits. What do you think we did?