Bench Series #43: When is a bath not a bath?

When it’s a bench of course!


I found this rather scruffy looking bench, at a garden nursery in South Africa, and thought it would do for Jude’s Bench Series, ‘bench with someone or something sitting on it’.

Have a great Tuesday, and don’t worry, I still have loads more benches up my sleeve.

Oddments on a bench for Jude

I think these miscellaneous items for sale had been placed on this rough bench to keep them tidy. Is there anything that takes your fancy?


I rather liked the cosy couple on the small bench off to the left, although I’m not sure what the one woman is holding. Looks like mussel or oyster shell to me.

I still haven’t run out of pictures for Jude’s Bench Series #41, so you’ll be seeing more before this month is up.

Wishing you all a great weekend. I’m off to have a look at our new front door which is being installed today.


Bench Series #40: Cute little people on a bench

Here’s a sweet couple I found sitting on a bench at the garden nursery near to my sister’s house in South Africa.


To see more benches with someone or something on them, visit Jude’s blog.

Have a great weekend. It’s really busy here now, as all our ‘snowbird’ friends who’ve been up north for the summer, are arriving back in Florida to escape the cold. Lots of social activities to look forward to.