Sunday Stills: One hundred and one and three quarters

When I saw Ed’s ‘100+’ challenge this week, I knew that I had to post about my dear MiL who is so proud of the fact that she is now one hundred and one and three quarters, and still going strong. Kathleen Letitia was born in Hanwell England on 4th August 1913.

Wright Family 014

To celebrate her 100th Birthday, she had two big party’s, one for close family members,


and another one in the village hall for even more family and over a hundred friends.


A couple of weeks later, she took her children and their spouses on a wonderful Rhine River cruise. Of course, this lively centenarian was the toast of the ship, and loved to party the night away, even after a full day’s touring around the sights, which was done mostly on foot.



Last year, she had a bit of a tumble on her staircase at home, which landed her in the ER for a few hours, while “a very kind young lady” put stitches in her ear. The family expressed concern that at her great age, she should still be living on her own, and suggested that she have a two week trial period in a beautiful care home a few miles away. Her decision was, that although it was very nice there, it definitely wasn’t for her. “It’s for old people,” she protested, so back home she went, and is now enjoying her independent life even more than ever. We speak to her every Sunday, and she always has such a lot to tell us, about Scrabble competitions, concerts and shows she’s been to, and friends and family who’ve been round to visit for Sunday lunch, or for tea and her wonderful home-made cake. While she’s following her favourite TV series, such as Coronation Street and EastEnders, her hands are never idle, as she loves to knit, and produces warm, colourful hats and mittens for needy children overseas.


I hope that if I should live to be 100+, I will look as good as she does, and enjoy life just as much.


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Splashes of colour for needy children.

Nancy Merrill has a ‘Photo a Week’ challenge. This week the subject is ‘Splash of Colour’.

When I was in England recently, visiting my 101-year-old Mil, I saw next to the sofa, a couple of plastic bags, one of which contained balls of brightly coloured wool.


The other was filled with little woolly hats and mittens which she had lovingly crafted for needy children in some far off country.


I asked her about this project, and she said it was organised by the Women’s Institute of which she has been a very active member for many decades. The hats and mittens would be put into prettily decorated shoe boxes, together with other items which little children would love. These shoe boxes would then be given as Christmas presents to children who may otherwise not receive anything.


My dear MiL is herself a wonderful ‘Splash of Colour’ in her community, and over the years, must have baked hundreds of cakes and knitted millions of stitches for various charitable causes. The Women’s Institute was founded two years after she was born, to revitalise rural communities and encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. It’s now the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK, with over 212,00 members. I hope that she will live long enough to help them celebrate their centenary next year. She looks pretty good for her age, doesn’t she?