Not all my friends are scaly

I think that some of you imagine that I live in a mini Jurassic Park surrounded by scaly creatures ranging from six inches to six feet long, with long green fingers. Well, I guess in a way you’re right, but they certainly aren’t the only visitors around.

Lenny Limpkin often pops by to search for his daily diet of Apple Snails, which although I love apples, don’t really appeal to me. I haven’t seen his partner Linda for a while. Hope they haven’t fallen out.


The Ibis family with their wickedly long beaks, brilliant white plumage and piercing blue eyes, love to peck around the grass for large insects, which they are very welcome to.


Mr. GBH, always elegant in his grey-blue suit is ever a welcome sight as he stands statue-like in the shallows, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to cross his vision.


Daisy and Danny duck occasionally glide past, always refusing to stop for a photo shoot.


The Green Heron is a rare visitor and so lovely to see.


Yesterday on Facebook, I posted this photo of Sammy sheltering from the rain whilst nibbling at his lunch. He seems a bit subdued since he destroyed the birdfeeder which we haven’t yet replaced. The Bluejays have disappeared, but hopefully we can find a squirrel-proof feeder to entice them back again. The sooner the better, as we have a huge bag of birdseed, which I don’t fancy having to mix with my breakfast cereal.

DSCN8594 One of my friends responded “I love seeing your pics of these cuties, but I really can’t look at Iggy any more! LOL.” Actually to tell the truth,  I’m also getting a bit ‘Iggyed out’. Hubby attended a committee meeting yesterday afternoon and tells me that people here are complaining about the Iguana population explosion, as they feast on their prize garden plants. It’s becoming quite a problem, but  I don’t know what can be done about it. 

Happy Wednesday to you all. The weeks just seem to fly by and still no kitchen, although the appliances have been ordered, so that means it’s not too far in the future.