Lenny Limpkin and Iggy shower together.

We’ve been having lots of rain here in Florida. The damp conditions seem to deter some of the wildlife from showing up in our backyard, but I was amused to see these two very different creatures standing out there together as if in silent protest.


Hope your weekend isn’t as wet as ours. Every cloud has a silver lining though, as hubby has decided to paint out the garage.

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Feathers on Friday: Meet Mr. Limpkin

Charlotte at ‘Prairie Birder’ blog as a ‘Feathers on Friday’ challenge. This week, I would like to introduce you to yet another new visitor to my backyard, Mr. Limpkin, who I read has a predilection for snails. In that case, I’m sure he’s very welcome in anyone’s garden. I spotted him snooping around in next door’s jungle.


Apparently these mostly solitary birds had been hunted almost to extinction in Florida by the beginning of 20th century, but with legal protection have made quite a comeback.


I’ve seen one over at the new house too, and the neighbors say that it wakes them up early in the morning, as it wails like the ‘Banshee’ of Irish legends. Just check it out below.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend. I’ll be packing boxes and transferring clothes over to the other house. I’ve suddenly come to the realization that the big move is really happening. Wish me luck.