WPC: Signs, both pleasant and ominous.

Some signs we see have pleasant and happy connotations, like this one from our beach walks in South Africa. It was from one of these boats that our daughter caught a 6ft Barracuda when she was just sixteen.


Just down the road is a kite surfing shop, and outside is this sign. If I’d been a lot younger, I would have tried it.


Right next door is this sign, which sounds quite ominous and could be very painful. Would you venture up those stairs to the first floor?


Talking of ominous, how about this sign at Madame Tussauds Chamber of Horrors. We actually paid good money to be frightened out of our wits. Inside are replicas of horrific instruments of torture, to be viewed amid the sounds of agonised groans and bloodcurdling screams. A new and startling innovation in one part where it’s so dark that you can’t see a hand in front of you, is to have actors in macabre make-up and costumes, lurching out from the shadowy recesses of the cells, right in front of customers as they pass. It was absolutely terrifying, and I’ve never screamed so much in my whole life. Hubby thought this was very funny.


Here is an escape sign for those who have second thoughts, and decide they’d rather not be scared witless. I didn’t see anyone taking the coward’s way out though. I suppose we all wanted to get our money’s worth.


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Floral Friday Fotos: Brightening up the London roads

We are now in England at my MiL’s house. She has had a couple of falls in the past week, and isn’t feeling so good. Fortunately she didn’t injure herself, but the shock seems to have upset her equilibrium. She is stuck upstairs at the moment, as she’s feeling too wobbly to get down to the ground floor. I shouldn’t think that there are too many 101-year-olds living alone in a double storey house. We’re trying to sort out a stair-lift for her, and my weekend is going to be filled with family coming to visit, and a big lunch on Sunday. In the meantime, here are some pretty flowers I saw along the road just outside London.


These lovely displays were placed at intervals all the way along the road, which made the route look really cheerful.


Wishing you all a great weekend. We leave for Florida on Tuesday, so it’s all go.

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