One Word Sunday: Bridge

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ this week, is ‘Bridge’.

Here are some bridge travel memories from our visit to London last year. The photos were taken from London Bridge, one of the many bridges which span the River Thames. The original bridge was a wooden construction, built by the Roman founders of London in 50AD. I wonder what they would think of it now.


The iconic Tower Bridge, officially opened in 1894 is one of London’s most famous landmarks.


In the other direction is Cannon Street Railway Bridge, which was opened in 1866. This bridge carries trains on the Southeastern line over the River Thames to Cannon Street Station.


Looking at these photos makes me long to be able to travel again. We were just chatting on the phone to our daughter in South Africa and to Chris’s mom in England, and saying how we can’t wait to be able to see and hug one another.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

If it’s Friday it must be London

Well, our two days in London are almost over, and tonight we “sit back, relax and enjoy the flight” for 11 hours to Johannesburg. I would have enjoyed the night flight from Miami to Heathrow much more, if the temperature on the plane hadn’t been so freezing cold, and also if the guy in front of me hadn’t had his seat fully reclined for the whole of the trip. The extra space one pays for in Premium Economy is somewhat negated when the seat in front is right in one’s face. I’m sure Virgin must have added an extra row of seats and squeezed everyone up.

We had fabulous sunny and warm weather for both days we were here, and took the train up to London to just wander around and do a little shopping. Eros seemed to be doing a happy dance under the beautiful blue sky.


I had to take a pic of the beautiful architecture in the Old Brompton Road.


Of course, no trip to London would be complete without a visit to Harrods., so we took the tube to Knightsbridge, and had a good browse around  the amazing and pricey merchandise on all seven floors. A million square feet of luxury and everyday items, and all I bought was a box of crystallised ginger for my mom. I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with this giant Harrods teddy bear.


We walked our legs off around London’s streets, looking at nothing in particular and everything in general. There’s just something so unique about this city, and although it’s terribly crowded and noisy, there’s always something to admire.  Here’s the historic London Pavilion, and the inevitable London red bus. Do any of you know what the statue is on the top?


One thing I didn’t get a photo of, was the metallic gold Ferrari convertible which roared away from the traffic lights like a bat out of hell with attitude. The last time we were in Knightsbridge, I saw this Gold Spider 458, so maybe the owner had swapped it for the latest model. Too much money, so little taste.


In a few minutes we’ll be on our way to Heathrow to await our eleven hour overnight flight to South Africa, and tomorrow we’ll be driving down to the coast, where we’ll meet up with our daughter who is flying down from Johannesburg. I’m so looking forward to seeing her, as well as my sister and my mom. See you on the other side of the ocean.

Have a great weekend.

Let Me Serenade You, for Jake’s Challenge

Jake’s Sunday Post Challenge this week is ‘With Musical Instrument’. Being a musician myself, I really admire people who use their musical ability to entertain others. From experience, I know that it can take a lot of courage to actually perform in front of total strangers, but once one gets past the nerves, the performer can enjoy it, as much as the audience.

These song lyrics from the 1960’s American rock band ‘Three Dog Night’, came into my head whilst I was looking for photos of musicians who have serenaded me on my travels.

Let Me Serenade You

I will serenade you, all along the way
I will serenade you, anyway you say


A Scottish Bagpiper I found outside Harrods in London.

A Scottish Bagpiper I found outside Harrods in London.

Take you to the country, I’ll take you to the shore
Show you to my garden, I know you’ll make it grow.

Traditional music on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Traditional music on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

If you let me serenade you
You know that’s what you come for,
So that I will serenade you

A Guembri player in Marrakesh.

A Guembri player in Marrakesh.

And when the walls begin to fall
Can’t hold back the joy
That love will conquer all.

Belly Dancing in Fez.

Belly Dancing in Fez.

Every moment, every day,
If you want to hold me, I will stay.

Beautiful love songs in Cordoba, Spain.

Beautiful love songs in Cordoba, Spain.

Let me serenade you, I will serenade you
If you want to hold me, I will stay.

Being serenaded in Rio.

Being serenaded in Rio.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my musician pics for Jake’s challenge. To join in the fun, just click on the badge below.