Momma, where’s our lunch?

After yesterday’s 3 hour exhausting rehearsal, hubby collected me and took me out to lunch. I was ravenous, and ordered something I’ve never ordered before; steak and eggs with sausage and bacon. It just jumped out of the menu at me.  I think the piano playing uses up a lot of energy, and I felt the need for lots of protein.


After eating that lot, I decided that we should take a nice long walk in the fresh air, so off we went to the Wakodahatchee Wetlands nature reserve just up the road. I have so many wonderful pics of the wildlife we saw there, which I’ll post another time, but for now, here are two young  and hungry Anhinga chicks, impatiently waiting for their lunch. (You can click on the photos to enlarge.)


“Where is our food?” they ask their momma who is watching over them.


Then their dad arrives with something to satisfy their hunger, and the two chicks compete to see who can have the first taste.


The bigger of the two eventually wins out, and gets to stick his beak right down dad’s gullet, whilst his sibling awaits his turn at the sushi trough.


I was less than impressed after yesterday’s rehearsal. I’d spent hours sorting out sheet music and word sheets for everyone, as the organiser claimed to be not computer literate enough to do this. After hours of practising the songs, I was quite happy with the result of my labours, but as the rehearsal progressed, my happiness dissipated. The lovely lady singers were very enthusiastic, but a couple of the older guys are very hard to please. They said that they’d listened to the songs on you tube, and thought we should add more words to the songs, to make them longer, and they also wanted to change the endings of the songs, which confused everybody, including me. The organiser has enlisted the help of one of our community members who is a professional show director, and is presently working on a presentation of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in a nearby town. He presented me with a whole sheaf of music score for the song, ‘Tradition’, which would take me weeks to work through. The pianist who is playing in his show, is an internationally renowned concert pianist, which obviously I am not. He then brought in his ‘Ghetto Blaster’ and played the backing track to the song, which sounded amazing, with the whole orchestra etc.. I told him that there’s no way that the piano and I can possibly replicate what he has on the recording, so maybe they should rather sing to the backing track. I’ll see what happens on Friday when we do the song again. Tonight I have a two hour rehearsal for another three of the songs, so we’ll see how that goes, and how many changes they want. As you may notice, I do hate the fact that they keep moving the goal posts.