Keep Calm and Scary on

In September, after a delicious dinner at the Makaranga Garden Lodge with my sister and brother-in-law, the walk back up to the car park was quite hair raising. Do you think these photos of the sculptures which seemed to leap out of the darkness at me, are spooky enough for Halloween?


In daylight, they hadn’t look half as sinister but In the gloom, and after a couple of glasses of wine, they took on an otherworldly appearance.


This guy looked seriously menacing and I was really glad I wasn’t on my own.


This was my ‘favourite’ fright; a disembodied bald head nestling in the bushes, and I still had to walk up those steps!


I think after all those spine-chilling images, you need a tasty little treat.


Happy Halloween to you all, and as Zelda Witchy-Boo says,


“Keep Calm and Scary On.”