Feathers On Friday: Gentle Neighbours

On our morning walk, Muriel Muscovy approached me with that “Do you have any treats for me?” look on her face. Sad to say, all I had in my pocket was a tissue.


I invited her to come join the ducks under my bird feeder, where there are always lots of  seeds scattered in the grass.


She might even meet Mr Blue Jay who is also a frequent visitor, The more the merrier.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend, as peaceful as the wildlife in my backyard.


Feathers On Friday: Nothing Goes To Waste

Danny and Daisy stopped by for a quick snack. They’ve obviously heard of our ‘Birdie Bistro’ and are happy that the smaller birds are such messy eaters, frequently knocking seeds out of the feeder onto the grass.


After eating their fill, they were soon off on their Friday meander around the neighbourhood.


Wishing you all plain sailing this weekend; calm and peaceful like Danny and Daisy.

Backyardigan Shenanigans

Looking out across my backyard, all looks peaceful and serene. Not a blade of grass is moving, not a palm frond stirs. All is set for a calm and tranquil Friday afternoon.


One of the Iggy family a grey and colourless soul, after nibbling lots of leaves for lunch, is taking a nap in the neighbour’s bush.


Little Anatole balances on a twig, thinking of his weekend plans.


The Peli couple is enjoying an afternoon siesta, one upstairs, one downstairs, before going out this evening for a sushi supper.


Suddenly out of nowhere, comes Grandpa Igasho. He doesn’t look any too pleased to see his colourless, grey cousin in his favourite bush. His hackles are up and he bristles with entitlement.


“Now see here cousin. That’s MY bush you’re sitting in and you’d better move quickly before I get really mad and come over there to waggle my dewlap at you!”


Danny and Daisy just sail past as though nothing is happening. They never get involved in any bickering. It’s just not in their nature,


Ozzie Osprey, watching from his tree across the water, calls “Time gentlemen, please! There’s room for everyone here in this beautiful place. Let’s not ruin everything by fighting over territory and power.

DSCN4673Remember what Mother Teresa once said, “If we have no peace, it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend.




Home again..jiggety-jig

Well, it’s so great to be back home again after over a month away. I have so many photos to sort through, as you can imagine.

First things first, though. My backyard was all safe and sound and a few of the regular critters have put in an appearance. Sammy squirrel has been scurrying around, but not staying long enough for a photo opportunity. I’m very tempted to reinstate the birdfeeder. Even if it’s against the rules, I’m sure that Sammy would be very much in favour.

Daisy, Danny and Deidre duck have been doing regular tours of the lake. The cute threesome seems to be inseparable for the moment.


Mr. GBH has been hovering around his favourite fishing spot, and presented a very elegant profile this morning.


Igasho who is still bright orange has taken to hanging out in the trees, stretching himself out along the branches. Such a lazy life!


We have many pelicans inhabiting and whitewashing the trees along the lakeside. This one seemed to have quite a lot to say for himself.


Although it’s winter here in Florida, we are having really sunny and warm weather. It’s so nice to be back living in a postcard.


I will do my best to visit you all before the end of this week.Hope everything is well with you.








Not all my friends are scaly

I think that some of you imagine that I live in a mini Jurassic Park surrounded by scaly creatures ranging from six inches to six feet long, with long green fingers. Well, I guess in a way you’re right, but they certainly aren’t the only visitors around.

Lenny Limpkin often pops by to search for his daily diet of Apple Snails, which although I love apples, don’t really appeal to me. I haven’t seen his partner Linda for a while. Hope they haven’t fallen out.


The Ibis family with their wickedly long beaks, brilliant white plumage and piercing blue eyes, love to peck around the grass for large insects, which they are very welcome to.


Mr. GBH, always elegant in his grey-blue suit is ever a welcome sight as he stands statue-like in the shallows, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to cross his vision.


Daisy and Danny duck occasionally glide past, always refusing to stop for a photo shoot.


The Green Heron is a rare visitor and so lovely to see.


Yesterday on Facebook, I posted this photo of Sammy sheltering from the rain whilst nibbling at his lunch. He seems a bit subdued since he destroyed the birdfeeder which we haven’t yet replaced. The Bluejays have disappeared, but hopefully we can find a squirrel-proof feeder to entice them back again. The sooner the better, as we have a huge bag of birdseed, which I don’t fancy having to mix with my breakfast cereal.

DSCN8594 One of my friends responded “I love seeing your pics of these cuties, but I really can’t look at Iggy any more! LOL.” Actually to tell the truth,  I’m also getting a bit ‘Iggyed out’. Hubby attended a committee meeting yesterday afternoon and tells me that people here are complaining about the Iguana population explosion, as they feast on their prize garden plants. It’s becoming quite a problem, but  I don’t know what can be done about it. 

Happy Wednesday to you all. The weeks just seem to fly by and still no kitchen, although the appliances have been ordered, so that means it’s not too far in the future.  




Six Word Saturday: Life and death on the pond

I was out scouting for a bit of wildlife this morning. The reflections in the water were so pretty, sort of like a Monet painting.


The only neighbours I could see, were Danny and Daisy duck, who seem to spend all day floating around together. They always look so peaceful and contented.


Looking over to my left, I suddenly saw something strange floating in the water.


Oh dear, there looks to have been a murder committed. It could be the Tricolored Heron, or even the Great Blue.  I wonder which of the other residents is responsible for the crime. One less beautiful bird to photograph. 😦


Hope you’re having a great Saturday.



My Sunday Photo: A quacking tête-à-tête

This morning, Daisy and Danny duck met by the water’s edge for a friendly little tête-à-tête.


They chatted for a while and then paddled off across the lake together to do whatever ducks do on a Sunday.


Hope you’re also having a great first of the month. I’ve just got back from Boot Camp and am about to cook brunch. The only problem with doing strenuous exercise, is that it tends to makes me very hungry. 😕


So, how did Mr. A and friends, spend their ‘Thanksgiving’?

Yesterday we were intending to start our day with an 8am ‘Turkey Burnoff’ aerobics class at the gym, but because of having had our medical exam for our Green Card application on Wednesday, which included compulsory shots for ‘flu, pneumonia and tetanus, our arm muscles were so sore, that we decided to rather go for a walk in the Green Cay Wetlands which is just down the road. Many people had got the same idea, and the serious bird watchers were out in force equipped with humongous zoom lenses which any National Geographic photographer would be proud of.


Of course we were curious to know what all the excitement was about, and saw, way in the distance, a red-shouldered hawk, who seemed to be enjoying all the attention..


Our little Nikon zoom didn’t get such a great image, but last year, we were privileged to see a pair of these gorgeous birds up close, and they posed so nicely too.


Not nearly as rare or popular with the photographers, were the hoards of ducks who have arrived in Florida for the winter.


A little further on, we spied Mr A, sleeping his Thanksgiving Day away in the reeds.


He did have a contented smile on his face, so maybe he was having thankful daydreams.


A Wood Stork was keeping lookout from the top of a dead tree.


Mr Anhinga was also enjoying the morning sun from his favourite perch.


A pair of female Mottled Ducks were having a quiet snooze in the shade of the bridge,


as a Painted Turtle made it’s ponderous way through the reeds.


I was thrilled to see that Leo the Lion was still lurking along the boardwalk. I always look out for him, and say “Hi.”


The afternoon and evening were spent with good friends, shrimp starters, plenteous wine, delicious turkey dinner, followed by four different desserts, not least of which was my decadent chocolate pie, which went down very well.


I hope that your Thanksgiving was equally wonderful. Have a great weekend.








Sunday Stills: At home on the water

A tranquil Sunday morning on the water.


Now that the aliigator’s gone, the ducks are back.


An Anhinga pops his head up from a fishing expedition, just to say “Hello.”


The Great Egret is as usual, keeping a look out for tasty fish.


But the inscrutable Mr. GBH is definitely the boss of the whole show. Nothing goes unnoticed when he’s around.


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