Beady Eyes in my backyard

What is Mr. Great Egret staring at so intently this morning?


I look across the lake and spot a dark shape in the water.


Oh yes, Mr. A is back again, and looks like he’s had a bit of a growth spurt since I last saw him. I can’t quite make out where his tail ends, but that head is huge.


Here’s looking at you, Mr. A , but I’d rather you didn’t get too close with those beady eyes and that humongous jaw. I’ve never seen your teeth, and I hope it stays that way.

I’m linking my post to Rosie’s Animal Tales #46 on Blogspot.

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A stealthy visitor to my backyard

I’d been wondering why there was a noticeable lack of bird life around the lake today. Late this afternoon when Mr. A came cruising past my back yard, the mystery was solved.


Unfortunately he wouldn’t come close enough for a decent photo, and headed off towards the other side. One lone cormorant flew down to the water quite close to where Mr A was lurking.  After splashing around for a minute or so, he suddenly took off like a bat out of Hell,  and who could blame him?