Will the genuine birds please identify themselves?

Over at the ‘renovator’s nightmare’ house the other day, I saw that the pelicans are once again well established in the tall trees alongside the lake. This one does all his ablutions right there on his special branch.


This pair of Muscovy Ducks are regular visitors to our backyard.


A couple of Ibis, a glossy and a white, were having a companionable stroll along the bank.


“Now what are those two birds across the lake?” On closer inspection, I was surprised to see that they’re actually plastic imitations. Go figure!


Even in the water, there are more fake ducks. How strange is that?


Just in case you’re asking yourself whether the pelican is also an imposter, and are suspecting that someone whitewashed the foliage under his perch, to make him look authentic, here he is, having a bit of a scratch.


Ah, there goes a real bird! I guess he got a bit fed up with talking to those phony pretenders and getting no response.


Wishing you all a great hump day. This was going to be a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post, but I had too much to say. 🙂