New Backyardigans Come To Play

The opening of my kitchen blind this morning, revealed a couple of newcomers to our backyard.

Odette and her cute baby Ollie were frolicking in the pond. If they were looking for fish, they were disappointed.


They stayed to play for a few minutes before running back to the lake where fish are plentiful. River otters have few predators, but are sometimes hunted by alligators and birds of prey, so I guess these two had better watch out for Ali-Baba and Ozzie osprey. They’re pretty fast in the water, so their chances of survival are quite good.


I’m always happy to see new critters on my patch. Do you have any interesting animals in your backyard?

Happy Tuesday everyone.


Six Word Saturday: Snowy gets a late breakfast morsel

You remember seeing Snowy drenched to the quill yesterday. Today was much brighter, and he came fishing for breakfast. First a quick shimmy to get the muscles revved up.

DSCN8678Now to see what delicacies may be lurking at the water’s edge.


“Yep, got one!” He turned to show me his prize. “It may be rather smaller than I was hoping for, but as the saying goes ‘every mickle mek a muckle’, so I’ll take it.”


We certainly had more than a ‘mickle’ at the party last night. Everyone brought a platter of food, so we could have fed the five thousand if there had been that many to feed. As it was, we spent the evening happily munching, sipping and chatting, before going home with enough for at least  lunch today.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I made a very exciting purchase this morning, which I’ll tell you about next week.

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