Feathers on Friday: Miss Muscovy Pays A Visit

This morning I woke up with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, remembering the horrendous news last night of the dreadful attack on innocent people in Nice. There are no words to describe the absolute revulsion I feel for terrorists who plan and carry out such cowardly and evil deeds. Where will it all end?

I wasn’t going to do a post today, but then hubby called me to come and look at a cute Muscovy duck out in our back yard. There is something so comforting and calming about nature, isn’t there? I grabbed my camera, sure that as soon as I opened the door,  the duck would run away, but thankfully it didn’t. Thinking back to the one which accosted me outside the pharmacy a while ago, I think this one might have been expecting a handout. Anyway, I just stood and took a few photos, and she, looking so serene, didn’t move. She seemed to be fascinated by me and the beep of my camera.


Off to the right, was little Sammy with his mouth stuffed full as usual.


He decided to come a bit closer and check out the new visitor to his patch.


Having decided that she presented no threat to his food stash, he hopped away, and she stood patiently waiting for me to do the same. I love that look on her face, “Okay, so you’ve got your photos. You can go now. ”


I wish you all a peaceful and safe weekend.

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