Mr. GBH building his love nest

Some may say that Valentines’ Day is ‘for the birds’, but Mr. GBH takes his courtship very seriously as he builds his not-so–little love nest.


This is my entry for Debbie’s ‘Six Word Saturday‘.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

Frayed Weaving, for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The WPC this week, is Fray, which can mean, “unravelled, or worn at the edge”, as with this Weaver bird’s nest. The nest is built with great care, solely by the male weaver, hoping to attract a mate.


He first frays and strips the palm fronds,


and then weaves them intricately, to form a funnel-shaped nest.


When he’s finished his masterpiece, he attempts to attract females by hanging upside down from his creation, whilst calling, and fluttering his wings. Unfortunately, the female of the species can be very ungrateful, and more often than not, is most scathing about his nest-building skills. She tells him so in no uncertain terms, and he then has to build a new nest from scratch, hoping against hope that this one will pass the test. This exercise can be repeated anything up to 4 or 5 times, so I guess that poor male weaver’s nerves must get somewhat ‘frayed’ around the edges during the whole operation.


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