One Word Sunday: Urban

Debbie’s theme for her ‘One Word Sunday’ is Urban and what could be more urban than Manhattan? This photo was taken through the window our son’s office, high above the most densely populated and yet the smallest in land area of the five boroughs of New York City. Due to COVID-19, our son is still working from his home in the suburbs but will soon be required to return to the hustle and bustle of the city. We have planned a visit to see him and our grandchildren in July, and will most probably take a ride into the city for the first time in almost two years. The thought is both exciting and intimidating, as living here in Florida, we’re no longer used to being amongst crowds of people. We have decided to fly up, so it will be our first time in an airport and on a plane since the virus struck. It will certainly make for a change of environment.

Wishing you all a very good week.

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My Sunday Photo: What a view!

Last Monday we went into New York to the One World Trade Center and also went to the top of the Observation Tower. What a great view from 102 floors up! Here looking down at the Hudson River, you can see Ellis Island which houses the historic Immigration Museum, and to the left, Liberty Island on which stands the iconic Statue of Liberty.


Have a great Sunday everyone.


WPC: My Model Family

This week’s Photo Challenge is ‘Family’. In October last year, we were visiting our son and family in New Jersey, and on the Saturday, went with them all to the Brooklyn ‘Ice Cream Factory’ for a photo shoot.

Yesterday, I noticed on Facebook that my son had posted pics of the results of that very busy day. They do a lot of modelling, but I think this is the first time they’ve all been together in the same  ad. (click on any image to enlarge).

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Thursday’s Windows, New York Christmas style.

It’s almost Twelfth Night, when according to tradition, all Christmas decorations must be taken down, so this ‘Thursday’s Lingering Windows’ challenge, is my last chance to show you more of the gorgeous Christmas windows in New York. We took our little granddaughters on the train to Penn Station, where our son met us after work.


Then a yellow cab transported us uptown to see the beautifully decorated big tree.


The 70 storey high Rockefeller Center looked spectacular against the night sky.


We could see in the distance, the Empire State building, lit up in red and green, as we stood in line to view the famous Saks 5th Avenue holiday windows, which always draw the crowds.


This year there was a mix of old-fashioned animatronics and state-of-the-art technology, and the windows followed the adventures of a young Yeti who leaves his family in Siberia to make it big as an artist in NYC. He moves to Queens and commutes by train to Manhattan, eventually winding up as the exclusive snowflake maker for Saks.








What a great success story!


We couldn’t leave to go home until we’d visited the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, to watch the ice skating, and there was yet another gorgeous Christmas Tree.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the last of my Christmas windows. To see more windows for this week’s challenge, visit ‘Dawn’s Lingering Look At Windows Week # 1’.


Thursday’s Christmas Windows in NYC

I know I’m a day late for Dawn’s “Lingering Windows #60” challenge, but I’m sure you won’t mind seeing some of what I saw in New York City last night. We took the two granddaughters into the city to see the Christmas lights, and what an exciting evening it was.

The Empire State was looking so beautiful, all lit up in red and green.


The streets were really crowded, but we battled our way through.


Macy’s had a lovely collection of Christmas window decorations with the theme, ‘Believe’.


Passing by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we popped in so that Taylor and Sienna could have their photo taken with the poster featuring their little brother Max, who was at home with his mom and other grandma.


We start on our three day drive back to Florida tomorrow morning. It’s been a lovely, but hectic few days here with the family. Most of the time there have been nine adults, seven kids and a dog, so not much chance to sit down with my computer. Sorry I’ve been so scarce, but things will return to normal when I get home again. Hope you’ve also had a wonderful family time over the Christmas holidays. Peace and love to you all.

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Jake’s Christmas Tree Challenge

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

It was so great to see Jake’s new challenge sitting in my inbox today, and I really love his wonderful Christmas animations. It seems that everywhere we go at this time of year, there are Christmas trees, lights and decorations. Here are a few that I saw as I did some frantic last minute shopping before our drive up to New Jersey to spend Christmas with our son and family.

We will be driving up, staying overnight in Savanna and Washington. I know I’d better pack some warm clothes. Last year it was pretty cold up there, but the snow made his house look really pretty. You can see the glow from the Christmas tree through the right hand side window.


Inside it was lovely and warm and the star on the 15 ft tree, just touched the ceiling.


I’m so looking forward to going into the city to see the ginormous tree at the Rockefeller Centre. It’s always quite spectacular even in the daytime. I’d love to see it at night though. The tree, usually a Norway Spruce and about 100 ft tall, is a wonderful New York tradition, and has been put up every year since 1933.


I may not manage to get to all your blogs tomorrow, as I have lots of presents to wrap and packing to do. I will however, try to catch up with you during the 1200 mile journey, as I won’t be doing the driving. 🙂

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