Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Honey, who shrunk my Mom?

A few years ago, we took my 84-year-old Mom all the way from South Africa to visit family in New York. She’d heard the saying, “Everything is Bigger in America,” and I think this monumental bronze sculpture of ‘Eve’, in the Great Room at Time Warner Center, convinced her this was true.


Isn’t it strange how we often seem to feel when photographing a work of art, that it will be improved by having a friend or family member stand next to it, and it then ends up being an ‘Odd Ball’ pic?

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Thursday’s Windows Week 24: A Myriad Windows of Manhattan.

This pic was taken from the window of our son’s office in the McGraw-Hill Building, West 42nd St, Midtown Manhattan. As I looked out there, I had to marvel at the number of windows I could see. There must be tens of thousands; so, plenty of work for the window cleaners.


I saw an interesting article which estimates that there are approximately 10.7 million windows on Manhattan Island! The math was done by Michael Pollak—”the wizard behind The New York Times‘ “F.Y.I” series, which plumbs deep and weird questions about New York.” If you are interested to read more, just go here. http://gizmodo.com/how-many-windows-are-there-in-manhattan-1489147764

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