A Singles’ Weekend.

I saw quite a lot of single creatures over the weekend, who all seemed to have a song to sing.

First up was Iggy’s rendition of The Beatles’…. “She came in through the bathroom window.” Yikes!


Sammy was singing his remake of Bing Crosby’s ” Swingin’ on a Star/Bird-Feeder.”


Mr Anhinga, sitting way over in the pine trees didn’t have a date for Saturday night and mournfully sang Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely.”


Mr. Blue Jay has just released his own cover version of Guy Mitchell’s “Singing The Blues.”


The Northern Cardinal was looking rather unhappy without his “Lady in Red.”


Daisy Duck was paddling around searching for “Danny Boy.”


Serious Basil the Basilisk who seems destined to stay single, gave a rather staid performance of Cliff Richard’s “Bachelor Boy.”


Last but not least is little Anatole the Anole, who having found himself a desirable residence right next to my front door, spends his days singing Queen’s ” Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love.”


I hope you all had a splendid weekend and that your week will not be a lonely one.