Thursday’s Windows #22: The Pink and Blue Church in Costa Rica.

Every Thursday, Dawn of ‘The Day After’ blog, hosts the  ‘Lingering Look at Windows’ challenge. As I posted about the beautiful topiary gardens in Zarcero a few days ago, I decided to show you the windows of the pretty little Iglesia de San Rafael church, which stands just above the Parque Francisco Alvarado. The outside of the church looks to be of brick construction, but is actually made from metal siding.


It was built in 1895, and the stunningly beautiful interior, was painted by Misael Solis, a local, self-taught artist.


The stately columns which line the inside of the church, are painted to look like marble.


The many stained glass windows are so colourful and truly lovely.


Unlike most European churches, these windows are quite plain, with no pictures on them, just gorgeous, luminous coloured glass.


It was a sheer delight to wander around this exquisitely decorated place of worship.


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Tagged “T” is for Topiary in Zarcero.

Frizztext’s Tuesday A-Z Challenge this week is ‘T’, and I remembered the topiary at the Parque Francisco Alvarado in Zarcero, Costa Rica. We were there at the end of last year, and were enchanted by the famous and whimsical topiary garden which was created in 1964 by Evangelista Blanco Brenes, who has been tending it ever since.

There are sixteen beautiful living double green arches leading through the park to the local church Iglesia de San Rafael.



Here are some of the more than 100 topiaries, which include a dinosaur, an octopus, a peacock and many other weird and wonderful creatures. As you will see in my gallery,  some of them are quite abstract and even bizarre. I really felt I was being watched, as I wandered around there. (click on an image to be taken on a walk through the garden.)

The garden’s creator, Evangelista, said that it takes a whole month to get around to tending to all of his creations, and by that time, it’s time to start again at the beginning. Some of these really looked in need of the snippers. It’s an awful lot of work for one man to keep up, and he’s not young anymore. I wonder who will care for his weird and wonderful creatures when he can no longer do it himself?

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