Is This The Same Guy?

This morning when I looked out of my window, I noticed one particular pelican sitting up in the trees and thought he looked rather familiar. I went in search of a painting I did a few years ago when I started taking art classes.


It was lurking in the back of my hall closet and sure enough, there he was.  He looks younger and a bit unfinished, but unmistakable don’t you think?


Happy Wednesday to you all.


Our Pelican is back

I went to check on hubby’s progress with the house renovations and he pointed out that the pelican is back in residence for the winter. He was a bit far away for a sharp photo, but I can see that he’s also been doing some house decorating and has once again been very busy ‘whitewashing’ the branches.


Some of you may remember that last year I had a go at painting him. I wonder if he would like my portrait? I think he looks rather cute.


Happy Thursday to you all. I’ve just heard that our son and family have booked their air tickets and will be visiting us for a few days in February. Something to really look forward to.