Pull Up A Seat Or Not

XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ is now in its 44th week and I still have quite a few seat photos left.

This cute little Bolivian child on the Isla Del Sol, had a very natural seat on the dry sandy ground as she sat with her pet llama and alpaca, waiting for the tourists.


A quick hop across to Barcelona and here I am in Park Guell, taking a seat next to Gaudi’s amazing mosaic lizard fountain. This was long before our move to Florida where we now are inundated with real lizards and iguanas.


Speaking of mosaics, this beautiful bench was for sale at an arts and crafts centre in South Africa with the strange name ‘Piggly Wiggly’.


Of course, I knew where they’d stolen the name from, because on a road trip in 2008 from New Jersey down to Florida, I’d had my photo taken outside one in Charleston. In November the seats under the umbrellas didn’t seem very popular, but maybe in summer it was nice to sit out there.


Deserted green umbrella-shaded seats seemed to be quite the theme in Charleston, as we found at our resort where we stayed for a couple of nights.


If you’d like to take part in XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat’ challenge, just click the link.




Offloading My Spare Benches for Cee’s FFC: Outdoor Seating

“When one door closes, another opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” ~Alexander Graham Bell

My blog friend Jude had a long-running bench challenge last year which came to an end before I’d used up all the bench photos on my desktop. Oh horrors!……What to do with with the overflow?…….No worries…..Cee comes to the rescue with her ‘Outdoor seating’ Fun Foto Challenge. Yay! 🙂

Here are the benches which I’ve had  lurking around for months.

A couple of non too comfortable looking concrete benches in San Pedro Belize.


Another Belizian concrete bench, but this one has no backrest, and could do with a bit of weeding around it.


This moss-covered wooden bench in Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica even has a foot rest.


Something or someone must have  taken a chunk out of this poor old bench.


Yet another wet and slimy bench along the route. There was really nothing that invited us to sit down for a rest, so we kept slithering along the slippery path.


Now for something completely different. A bench with a pleasant view at the Edison Ford Botanical Gardens in Fort Myers here in Florida.


Zooming off to South Africa and a bench at the Piggly Wiggly Country Village where my sister and I went for a wander around the artists’ centre and a tasty lunch last September.


Here’s a bench I see very often these days when we visit our local Sherwin Williams Paint Store.


Last but not least, our son Jeff found a rather interesting outdoor seat at the Victoria Falls Safari Park in Zimbabwe.


Thanks Cee for helping me to clear some of my photos from my desktop. To see more examples of ‘Outdoor Seating’ pop over to Cee’s FFC






Wordless Wednesday: Any Old Iron

This mini junkyard at the Piggly Wiggly Country Village in South Africa, reminded me of that old Harry Champion song, ‘Any Old Iron’ which was often playing on the radio when I was a child. This bicycle looks as old as the song. I just realised that this photo fits Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ‘Metal and Wood’, so am linking it to that too.






Bench Series #45: Mosaic benches

“A bench with a message” is the requirement for Jude’s Bench Series this month. I hope these two lovely mosaic benches seen at ‘Glass Cuttings Gallery’ at the Piggly Wiggly country village on the Midlands Meander route, will qualify.

These pretty benches are a couple of creations from the “Fragments of Africa” collection by Sarah Pryke.


They still have their price tags attached, and this one of a “Pied and Malachite Kingfisher” will cost you R4,800.


I wish you all a very happy and relaxing weekend. I’m happy to report that my sister is back home and recovering well. Her surgeon says that she is allowed to paint for limited amounts of time once she feels up to it, but at the moment she’s sleeping quite a lot and just getting her strength back.

Travel Theme: Letters about Funny Bunnies

Ailsa’s Travel Theme ‘Letters’, reminded me of my visit to the ‘Zulu-Lulu’ art shop at a place called ‘Piggly Wiggly’ with my sister in September.  There were many paintings and sculptures for sale, but these quirky little figures by talented Durban based ceramicist, Tracy-Jane Voss are what really caught my eye. Her first exhibition was called, “Some Bunny Loves You,” and here are three of those beautifully crafted bunnies, each with its own story to tell. I couldn’t resist taking photos, not only of the figures, but also of the explanation in words as to what characters they represented.

First there’s Ernie, who it would appear is not at all happily married.



Then there is Miss Dee Lite who it would appear is no better than she should be, and has a tenuous connection to Ernie.



Last of the three is Basil Bunny, Master Chef Extraordinaire.



‘Letters’ are important, as without these notes on each piece, they would just be rather strange bunny sculptures, but now we know exactly what type of bunny each one is, and it’s anyone’s guess which real-life people inspired their creation. I sense the artist is a delightfully mischievous young lady.

If you have any ‘Letters’ to share for the Travel Theme, click the icon below.