One Word Sunday: Rain

The theme this week for Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ is Rain. We did have quite a nice downpour yesterday, which I photographed through my kitchen window.

Today it’s bright and sunny and I really must begin packing as we leave on Tuesday for South Africa. I’m so looking forward to seeing our daughter Mandy on Wednesday. Apparently, her cat Ravioli is also beside herself with excitement and yesterday was in full party mode to celebrate her 16th birthday.

It’s going to be a wonderful reunion after two years apart.

Wishing you all a very happy Sunday. I’ll post some photos from South Africa soon.

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Pull Up A Seat And Relax

It’s time once again for XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’.

Here are a few images of relaxing places to sit a while.

Cats have purr-fected the art of relaxing, and Ravioli who rules my daughter’s house in Johannesburg, is no exception.


This Siamese had commandeered a comfortable place to spend the afternoon.


Watching the waves is a very relaxing sport and one which I’m hoping to do a lot of whilst in South Africa.


Sitting watching the sun set over Montego Bay is a very fond memory for me.


I’m so looking forward to seeing my Mom-in-law in England next week. She’s not looking too bad for almost 106.


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Ravioli stars for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

I have just spent a week with my daughter in Johannesburg. She has two dogs called Toffee and Vanilla, who both like a quiet life, most of the time, except when the refuse guys arrive to collect the trash. Then they rise to the occasion and howl like wolves at full moon. Toffee shouldn’t really be a howler, but Vanilla has trained her sister well.



Vanilla is quite timid and very affectionate, and if one should lavish any attention on her, Toffee flavoured jealousy will immediately rush up and try to bite her on the nose.



Ravioli the cat is the Queen of the house, and has everything nicely worked out. She is very disdainful of the dogs who have to lie on the floor, and are not allowed on the furniture at all. She on the other hand, has an endless choice of comfortable places where she can while away her day, usually following the sun around the house. Even I am not allowed to put my feet on the coffee table, but not a word is said when she stretches herself out in this hallowed place.



She is very partial to a nice soft cushion, and gets very miffed if a mere person should want to sit on it.


This is her favourite, because it tones well with her colouring.


If we’re going to be eating Al Fresco, she will make sure that she reserves her seat before anyone else gets there. Who would be so heartless as to wake up a snoozing cat?


Just before we left to come home, I tapped on the window to wave a friendly goodbye, but there was no smile for me, just that “How dare you disturb me when I’m doing my ablutions?” look.


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