Cee’s FFC: Color Of Your Choice

My colour of choice for this Valentine’s Day is of course ‘Red’.

A handsome Red Cardinal showing off his Valentine outfit.


Anatole the backyard Anole lizard, displaying his red dewlap which is meant to lure in females during the mating season.


Beautiful, romantic sunset seen from Sunset Beach Hawaii.


From the sublime to the ridiculous:

Hubby and son-in-law spoofing around one evening after movies in Johannesburg.


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More Feathered Visitors

Our backyard is aflutter with birds since we put up the new birdfeeder which hangs on a wire between two palm trees. It’s almost impossible to get photos of the birds actually on it, as I have to go out of the screen room door, and no matter how quietly I try to open it, they always sense my presence and are gone in the blink of an eye. My best option is to lurk by my bathroom window and take a shot as they land on a tree.

We have two pairs of Cardinals who are regular diners at our little restaurant.


The beady-eyed Grackles descend in a gang and completely take over the feeder, whilst the other birds and Sammy squirrel hop around underneath picking up the seeds that fall to the ground.


Hubby and I are very excited to soon be going off on our travels again to England and South Africa. We’ll have happy family reunions and also there’s my Mom-in-Law’s 105th birthday to celebrate in August.

Happy Thursday to you all.





‘Eateries in Nature’ for the Photo a Week Challenge.

Everyone’s got to eat…..right? The creatures here in Florida are no exception to the rule, so I thought I’d show you a few favourite eateries around here for Nancy’s ‘Photo a Week Challenge’.

Red Cardinal is really spoilt, and has this somewhat ‘Seedy’ eatery all to himself.


Woody wood stork knows just where to dip his beak at the’ Swamperama’ restaurant to get a tasty morsel for breakfast.


Miss Rosy has been blessed with a spoon-shaped bill for daintily scooping up her food at the  ‘Aqua-fusion’ snack bar.


Great Egret likes to forage at the ‘Foliage Deli’ for yummy lizards and insects.

DSCN5084Lennie Limpkin is happy to snag a few apple snails at the ‘Waterfront Diner’.


Mr. GBH knows that there will always be a smorgasbord of delights at the ‘Lakeside Café’.


Big Al has sinister designs on any passing edibles as he lies in wait in his ‘Watery Den’ canteen.


Of course, dear Sammy squirrel just eats on the run at the ‘Gobble and Go’ take out.


Hope you enjoyed seeing where all the eating happens around here. Have a great rest of the week.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alone

I haven’t done one of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges in a while, but when I saw this one, I thought I might be able to find a few pics for it, and I was right.

Here’s one of my favourites, taken at SeaWorld in San Diego. Nap time for this adorable baby Polar Bear. For now, he’s just so cuddly, but can you imagine that one day he will weigh well over 350 kgs?


This pic reminds me of Leonard Cohen’s classic song “Bird on the wire.”


Shamu, the amazing six ton Orca is probably singing, “Wow, look at me now!” as he does his solo act for the adoring SeaWorld crowds.


Another very formidable creature, is the Bison or American Buffalo, seen in Yellowstone National Park. These animals can weigh anything from 318 to 1,000 kg, so you really don’t want to get too close.


A little smaller, and a far less deadly opponent, is this cute seagull, spotted in Cornwall England. I wonder which “little dickie bird”  he is, Peter or Paul?


This Red Cardinal, is making the most of his time alone with the bird feeder here in Florida.


This Red-Eyed Tree Frog in Costa Rica, looks very comfy as he naps on a cool green leaf, oblivious to all the tourists snapping his pic.


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