Relaxing pics for Jake’s Challenge.

“Place to Relax” is this week’s theme for Jake’s Sunday Post. There are so many places one could relax in and some people have the ability to relax and even nod off, wherever they find themselves. My son is one of these lucky people, and after flying down from New Jersey to see us in Florida, with three demanding little ones, he just flopped down on the sofa and slept for about and hour.


My youngest granddaughter  seems to take after her dad.


Riding on the back of her dad’s bike really tired her out.


Some people go to the beach to relax.


I wanted to relax on my favourite bench, but unfortunately this couple had the same idea.


Of course, my sister’s dog Dingo, spends most of his life relaxing. It’s a dogs life.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my relaxing pics, and didn’t nod off in the process. To see more interpretations of Jake’s theme, just click on his badge below.


We’re on our way up to Johannesburg to spend a week with our daughter and family. She has lots of outings and treats lined up for us, so I may not have much time to spend on the blogs, but I’ll pop in when I can. Have a relaxing weekend.