The WPC this week is ‘Treat’.

Two years ago when Sienna came with her dad to visit us in South Africa, it was such a treat for the family to spend time with her,


especially my darling mom who hadn’t seen her since she was a toddler.


We took her to the beach


and out to restaurants where she could have her favourite food, and she even got to design her own pizza.


Making her own hot chocolate with marshmallows was also lots of fun.


A really delicious treat to enjoy


We went to the aquarium in Durban.


On the London bus in the shopping mall.


Then we all drove up to Johannesburg to see Auntie Mandy,


who took us see the lions at the nature reserve.


She even got to feed a giraffe.


It was a really fun time, chock-full of treats, and a holiday I’m sure she’ll never forget.

Today marks 50 years since hubby and met at a Guy Fawkes night dance. Little did I know when he asked me to dance, that we’d still be ‘Happy Together’ five decades later.


It’s been a real ‘Treat’, and we’re going out today to celebrate, so I may not be around here again until tomorrow.

PS: Can someone please explain to me why my title for this post ended up at the bottom instead of the top, and I can’t change it?

Treats for a special girl and our 50 happy years together

B&W Sunday: One of the big cats for ‘Beauty in the Beast’

Here’s my entry for Paula’s Black and White Sunday Challenge. This week she suggests the theme, “Beauty in the Beast.”

This gorgeous Cheetah was just a few feet away, as we stopped in our open safari truck to admire her. She looked absolutely magnificent in her natural colours, but I think she looks pretty good in black and white too.


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The King of the Jungle has his own special day.

“Knowledge is like a Lion; it cannot be gently embraced.” ~ South African proverb

Today Is World Lion Day. Here is one of these most majestic of creatures, seen at the ‘Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve’, set in the heart of the ‘Cradle of Humankind’ World Heritage Site, west of Johannesburg.


World Lion Day is:

“An independent campaign working to highlight the importance of the lion globally and to raise lion conservation awareness worldwide. “Saving the King of Beasts to Save Ourselves”

…The lion is an enduring symbol across the nations and has fascinated man throughout the millennia. To lose such a species would be to lose a significant part of our global heritage.”

as stated at the official ‘World Lion Day‘ campaign page.

Photo: Be active today on World Lion Day. Create awareness and support those working to save the King of Beasts and his Kingdom.

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“It’s better to be a lion for a day, than a sheep all your life.”

~ Elizabeth Kenny (An Australian nurse, whose principles of muscle rehabilitation became the foundation of physiotherapy.)