The Hell Ships of World War ll

You may remember that on Remembrance Day, I shared photos of family members who had fought and died in the second world war. I decided to do some research and found out that my mom’s brother Fred went down on the ‘Lisbon Maru’, one of the Japanese ‘Hell Ships’ which transported prisoners of war to be used as slave labour.

SS Lisbon Maru sunk on 2nd October 1942

SS Lisbon Maru sank on 2nd October 1942 (Photo Wiki)

This ill-fated ship set sail from Hong Kong on 27th September 1942 and was headed for Shanghai. I sent a copy of my post to Ron Taylor, a co-ordinator for the ‘Far Eastern Prisoners of War Association’, formed to establish a Remembrance Day for all those who were held as Japanese Prisoners of War in the Far East during the second world war. Overnight I had a reply, with the link to a page on the Roll of Honour, dedicated to my Uncle Fred and using the  photos I’d put in my post. Click the link to see how beautiful it is.

I’m so grateful that there are people such as Ron who have done so much to keep the memory of these brave men alive, so many years after the war ended. I just wish that my mom had lived to see her brother honoured thus.