One-Liner Wednesday: Perfect Camouflage For Sammy

But I can still see you through my bathroom window.


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Good Morning Sammy

I’m finally getting used to my new Macbook Pro and have learned how to put my photos on my desktop. Everything seems different to my previous one, which is very confusing.

One thing that is a constant, however, is little Sammy. He’s as cute as ever and always nibbling away at something he’s found in the backyard.


Wishing you all a very good week.


Macro Moments: Sammy is back!

I hadn’t seen this sweet little creature since we returned home, but at breakfast this morning, Sammy decided it was her turn to sit on the rock outside our kitchen window, which is so often occupied by one of the Iggy family.


Wishing you all a really good week.

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Macro Monday: Sammy is Samantha

Sammy squirrel has once again managed to empty the bird feeder in record time, and yesterday found something else to eat. Sitting on  the ‘Top of the Rock’, I got a really good look at his/her chest area, and came to the conclusion that Sammy is actually short for Samantha. My blog friend Robin of ‘Witless Dating After 50’ blog had mentioned that this might be the case, after looking at one of my earlier photos.


She looks to my unpracticed eye to be pregnant, which is probably why she has been attacking the bird seed with such gusto. I have to admit that unlike Sammy, I was never able to run up a palm tree or hang upside to eat when I was expecting my babies.

A sad ending to my story is that I have just this minute received a phone call from one of the Board members of our community, to say that bird feeders are not allowed here, as they may attract rats and geese. I told her that I’ve never seen any rats and that it’s hung much to high for geese to reach, but she said that it’s a general rule and there can be no exceptions. I’m feeling more than a little fed up about it, as I so enjoyed seeing the beautiful birds flying back and forth, not to mention the antics of Sammy squirrel.

I wish you all a great week. Now I really must get on with some packing of cases.


The Mystery of the Disappearing Birdseed

Lots of rain and clouds here in the past few days. Today, the Blue Jay popped in to check out the bird feeder.


Whatcha looking at, lady?

He and his mates chased off the red-bellied woodpecker before I could get a decent photo.


“Those mean old Blue Jays just don’t want to share. “

My Backyardigan friends can be quite demanding, and when it comes to food, they squabble a lot.


“Time to fill my feeder up again. That greedy rascal Sammy squirrel has shaken out most of my seeds and gobbled them up.”


“Who, me!?? Look, I’m not eating your seeds, am I? Just get your facts straight!”


Basil, who’s supposed to be on look out duty, didn’t see a thing.


Iggy says,”I really can’t point fingers, because I’m too busy munching all the leaves off this hibiscus bush.”


Grandpa Igasho says, “Just cool it will you!  All these accusations make my hair stand on end.”

Well, I guess we’ll never get to the bottom of it, so the only thing to do is buy another bag of bird/squirrel seed.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday.


Naughty Sammy has a rival

At the weekend, we replaced our squirrel-demolished bird feeder with a much stronger one, and it didn’t take long for Sammy to find it. He managed to unscrew the metal lid, and although I missed the action, must have stuck his head in and gobbled as much seed as he could reach. We wondered why the level had gone down so quickly. Greedy little rascal! Anyway, I found the lid in the grass and hubby fixed it back on very tightly.

Success! …… A Blue Jay found the feeder, and helped himself to a healthy snack.


Sammy has now found an alternative source of nutrition…….. the fallen bits of palm tree flowers, and spends his day stripping them. They are obviously quite delicious.


Wishing you all a great Tuesday. The granite guy is here at the moment making the templates for our kitchen tops, so things are definitely progressing.



Word soon gets around

Today I celebrate my birthday, and it seems that my ‘Backyardigans’ had somehow got wind of the fact.

Most of the Iggy family turned up to say “Have a happy day.” I never saw so many of them in one place before. It was a real delegation.


I felt so honoured that Mr. GBH popped by yesterday for an early wish. I would have loved a selfie with him, but he didn’t want to share the glory.


Mr. and Mrs. Beakley came with their young brood, and gave the order, “Bottoms up!” which I thought was very appropriate.


Cheeky little Sammy peeping around the tree trunk, said “Hi…..Happy Birthday to you…… and BTW, when are you going to replace that bird feeder which I managed to destroy?”


I’ve been thoroughly spoilt by my family and friends and now I’m giving hubby the rest of the day off to take me out for lunch and shopping.

Hope you all have a great day too.