Azure Blue Waters of Ambergris Caye for ‘Cee’s FFC’.

I have such wonderful memories of our trip to Belize early last year. We flew into Ambergris Caye from Belize City, and from the plane, we were so excited when the island, surrounded by the azure blue of the Caribbean, came into view.


This Belizean island is only about twenty five miles long and one mile wide, and is edged by white sandy beach, with mangrove swamps in the centre. One of the main attractions is the ‘Belize Barrier Reef’, which is the second largest in the world, after the ‘Australian Great Barrier Reef’.

We stayed in San Pedro, which is the only town on the island. Have a look at my gallery, and then tell me if it looks like paradise to you.

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Wash Day Paparazzi for the Clean Theme

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, is ‘Clean’, so I decided to air the clean laundry of complete strangers. Can someone please explain to me why I book my air ticket, pack my cases, brave the scary airport security, travel for thousands of miles to some exotic destination, only to end up taking photos of clothes hanging on wash lines? When I’m at home, I would never dream of photographing the neighbours’ smalls and not so smalls, dancing merrily in the breeze.

Early last year, we travelled to the coastal town of San Pedro in Belize. I do have pics of pelicans and boats etc, but I also have these. I think tumble driers must be very scarce here, but I’m sure the laundry smells much fresher, and the electricity bills are minimal.


I find that there’s something fascinating about laundry in foreign countries. How many bras does a woman need, and does Captain Jack Sparrow live here?


Maybe the people here all do their washing on the same day, as there was no shortage of clean laundry to take pics of.


This brightly painted house had very little on the wash line, but I thought the shrine would make a nice foreground.


I find there’s something quite irresistible about the laundry and palm tree combination on Ambergris Caye.


I wouldn’t have minded the loan of one of these wash lines for a day. I do love my clothes to be clean, and it’s really awkward trying to do laundry on holiday. Maybe that’s why I have to  take so many cases with me.


I hope you also enjoyed looking at Belizean washing. Did you find it more compelling than your own?

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Amusing Signs for Sue’s Word a Week Challenge.

Sue has asked us to share some signs for this week’s challenge. I’m always on the lookout for signs, and have been known to demand that hubby slam on brakes when I spot a good one.

Travelling through Cornwall last August, I was intrigued by this one, and it wasn’t even as though Christmas was just around the corner.


My sister sent me this one after a visit to her local grocery store. Obviously spelling wasn’t this sign writer’s best subject at school. It did make me giggle though.


Half way along our beach promenade is a restaurant run by the Life Savers Association. I would happily pay to ring the bell if Dolphins should appear whilst I was eating breakfast there.


Since our return here a few weeks ago, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of Doggy Doo along the beautifully paved promenade. I wonder if this sign has anything to do with the cleaner environment.


I’m quite infamous for getting lost, and this signpost in San Pedro would make me even more confused than usual. The ‘STOP’ sign is probably the one I should take the most notice of. I’m sure if I just stood still for a while, hubby would be sure to find me.

San Pedro, Belize

San Pedro, Belize

Today I’ve been so busy in the house, cleaning, washing, and sorting out stuff to take with us and deciding what to give away, as we start to pack for our move. I could really do with one or both of these buttons.

Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

I know one shouldn’t laugh at people’s tombstones, but this one in the graveyard next to the O.K.Corral in Arizona, did make me giggle. Poor old Lester; what a way to go.

OK Corral, Tombstone, Arizona

OK Corral, Tombstone, Arizona

My Sister-in-Law in England has two Irish sons who absolutely fit this advertisement posted out on her deck. I don’t know how much they charge, but whatever it is,  you’d certainly get your money’s worth.


So there you have eight signs to choose from. My favourite would be the Kitchen Maid one. What’s yours?

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