Merry England Here I Come

I’m almost packed, and tonight we fly off to the UK.


One case is crammed full of Christmas pressies, wrapping paper, labels, ribbon and sticky tape. I decided not to wrap everything here because if the security should decide to choose my case for a thorough examination, they will most probably open some of the most suspicious parcels and I’ll have to start over again. I remember when on our way to our son’s wedding in California, we had to recheck our bags at San Francisco, the guys insisted on having a close look at all the wedding presents we had brought over from South African relatives, with the result that the glass in a beautiful photo frame got cracked, and a box containing an Irish crystal vase got destroyed. There’s one present for my 16-year-old grandson who collects beanies, which should raise a smile. The message really suits his personality, and mine too at times.


I’m sure I won’t have any time to blog, as family will be the priority  for the next week or so. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. Hope Santa doesn’t get stuck in your chimney. 😳


Thursday’s Lingering Windows: Savannah GA

Last night we stayed in a lovely 19th century hotel near the wharf in Savannah, Georgia. I’m sure the windows on the ferry look lovely at night, with the twinkling lights all around them.


The restaurant at our hotel, was in the basement and was decked out for Christmas. We had a window seat, but the view out of it was only of a few ferns and the grating in the sidewalk above.


This morning before setting off on our travels again, we took a walk along the waterfront and found a few more windows. This was my favourite,

DSCN7119 but this one was also quite pretty.


I loved the old wooden shutters on this one.


The windows on this old trolley bus were rolled down, because of the cold weather, and although you can’t see them, I saw that it was full of people dressed up as Santas and Elves.


We did go inside the candy store, but the delicious sweet smell was quite enough to add the inches, so we resisted the temptation to buy.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my windows. To see more, you can visit Dawn’s blog right here.

We now have about four hours travelling to reach the town of King George, where we will spend the night. Once again, my internet access along the road is very patchy, and I’m finding it so frustrating, as I could have caught with all of you whilst I’ve been sitting for hours and hours in the car. I just did this post sitting in Starbucks, sipping my Chai Latte and eating a delicious toasted Panini. I’ll catch up with some of you this evening.