‘Around the World in Colour’ for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

Ailsa has requested an injection of colour to brighten up the “low light” winter landscape of the northern hemisphere. Let’s go travelling around the world with a few of my brightest photos, to cheer your Monday.

We’ll start off with the gaudy colours of a country market in Peru, on our way back to Cusco after seeing the wonders of Machu Picchu.


Such colourful wagon wheel artwork found in in Sarchi, Costa Rica, is bound to lift anyone’s spirits.


This lovingly cared for garden at Lanhydrock House in Cornwall,  was a real work of art.


A boatload of flowers at Polperro, a Cornish fishing village, where the roads were so narrow that cars were banned from them, really brightened up our long walk from the car park to the harbour.


In Singapore’s Little India, the Veeramakaliamman Hindu temple was painted in a great variety of colours.


Our hotel in Hawaii, had an exquisite Koi pond, which really shimmered with beautiful colours.


Two identically coloured parrots in the Cairns Kuranda Bird Sanctuary, must surely have been twins.


Feathers don’t come much brighter than this cute little Rainbow Lorikeet.


At the end of a relaxing day at the beach in Punta Cana, a little colourful exercise is a very bright way to whittle the waistline. 😉


I hope you’ve enjoyed my vibrantly coloured and cheerful images. Have a great week.

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WPC: Juxtaposition

When I saw Michelle’s new theme ‘Juxtaposition’, I immediately remembered these few pics from my archives. We quite often see most unexpected pairings, and whilst travelling in Peru, I came upon this rather unlikely combination, near to the Temple of Wiracocha in Raqchi.


Just below Machu Picchu is a market, with a railway line running right through the middle of it.


On our Costa Rican tour, we stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant, and I found this pair of sculptures really odd, and wondered whose idea it was to place them there. They seemed to bear no relation to one another at all.


Lastly, here are two very different modes of transport. In Sarchi, the most famous crafts centre in Costa Rica, I noticed this modern day bicycle leaning up against the ancient ox cart on display there.


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