Farewell Mr A :Seven day Nature Challenge

My blog friend Gilly has invited me to join in the ‘7 -Day Nature Photo Challenge’ and I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. I have it on good authority that the much photographed and celebrated Mr. A has at last been captured by the ‘gator trappers. Apparently they managed to get a total of five alligators from our small lake, and Mr. A  was the last to fall for their sneaky trick of dangling a piece of rotting chicken from a fishing rod. I’m glad we moved house before the deed was done, as I would really not enjoy the view without Mr. A lazing in the sun on the opposite bank.

As a  tribute to him, for Day 2 of the Nature Challenge, I give you the two faces of the handsome Mr. A:

His left profile,


and his right profile. Which do you think is his best side?


I hope he’s been relocated to a more suitable place, and is swimming free and happy.

I would like to nominate my South African blog friend Ark  of ‘A Tale Unfolds’, to join the ‘Seven Day Nature Challenge’. He posts the most amazing nature photos from his garden in Johannesburg almost daily, so I’m hoping he’ll be a willing participant. I’ve also just seen on FB that it’s his birthday today, so why not pay his blog a visit and wish him a ‘Happy Birthday’. As far as I know, he doesn’t bite. 🙂