Mr. GBH sulks and Skabenga is lost and found

The day has finally arrived. After all the agonising over our Green Cards which luckily arrived in the nick of time, we are more or less packed and ready to leave. The washing machine is merrily singing away, my orchid has gone to a friend’s house for a holiday, and time is on my side.

Over breakfast this morning, I looked at our South African news site, and was dismayed to see a report that Skabenga, the Oyster Box Hotel’s friendly resident cat has gone missing. Some of you may have seen him on my birthday blog a couple of years ago. The report says that he didn’t seem too well over the weekend, and was booked for a vet’s appointment on Monday, but disappeared on Sunday. He has never been known to leave the hotel grounds before, and there is a search party out looking for him and also an appeal on their FB page. I do hope he’s okay.


My usually friendly Mr. GBH seems to be sulking since I told him that I’m going to be away for six weeks, and that there’ll be no more photo shoots for a while.


We have a cute new resident who keeps popping his head up out of the water. Usually by the time I’ve fetched the camera, he’s disappeared again, but today I did manage to shoot him. Being a turtle, his name has to be Terrence


PS: I’ve just seen a report that Skabenga has been found in Phoenix, a township a few miles away from Umhlanga, and has been returned to his posh home just in time for High Tea. So all’s well that ends well, but to have been found so far away, he must have been ‘catnapped’. I’m sure he was less than impressed. There was a generous reward offered, plus a one night stay at the 5 star hotel. It certainly does make one wonder.

Next time you see me, I will be in London for a couple of nights, recovering from jet lag. Have a great rest of the week.

Making Happy Memories Together

The last few days have been such happy ones, full of fun times with lots of smiles. It was wonderful having our daughter here to help celebrate her dad’s 70th. She also got to see her darling Gran, which was an added bonus. Here are some of the highlights. (Click on any photo to enter gallery and read captions.)

Yesterday, it was time for Mandy to fly back up to Johannesburg. Her family have been coping quite well without her, and her husband  has even tried out his cooking skills. My granddaughter told me that although they managed okay, they were all “Just hanging on by a thread” without Mom. She is very good at dramatising situations, but I’m sure they were all so glad to have mom back at the helm in the  kitchen, as she’s a fabulous cook.

Time is marching on, and this week, I really must get up on the step ladder and see what delights are hiding in the tops of my cupboards. (Actually, that should probably read “I really must get hubby up on the step ladder.”) I’m sure there are many items which will be going to the Animal Welfare for their monthly fund raising sales. I’ll really try my best to pop in on as many of you as I can, but as moving day draws closer, it will get more difficult to find time to sit at my computer. I really wish I were twins.