A Caiman surfaces in the reflections of the jungle.

Today is very grey and damp. We are now in Arenal, and our hotel is situated about 3 miles from the centre of the  volcano. Unfortunately it’s covered by cloud and shrouded in mist, so unless the weather changes drastically, I won’t get any pics.

Instead, I thought I’d take you on a little jungle boat ride down the network of black-water canals in Tortuguero. The extreme dark colour of the water is caused by the tannins from certain trees and plants along the water’s edge, and the mirror reflections of the massive tree roots and dense foliage were amazing. (Click on any image to enlarge.)



I really loved this pic.


One can’t help wondering what might be lurking in these waters.


Aha! Think I think I spotted something hiding in a nice shady spot. Could it be a crocodile?


Sadly, I think it was just a croc-shaped log, but I wasn’t disappointed for very long, because suddenly this gorgeous guy swam out to inspect our boat. He was not a a crocodile, but a Caiman, a much smaller member of the crocodylian family.


Looks like Mr Caiman’s parents didn’t send him to the orthodontist when he was a kid. Poor guy really should have had braces.


Now I see that he has a sticky-out tooth on each side. Do you think they could be his wisdom teeth?


Thankfully, he didn’t find us nearly as interesting as we found him, and we eventually moved off, leaving him to reflect in peace about his impromptu photo shoot.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. Have a really wonderful day with family and friends.