Pull Up A Seat In Thailand

It’s time again for XingfuMama’s Pull Up A Seat Challenge.

This week, I found some photos of places to sit in Thailand. A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of its floating markets. We were collected from our riverside hotel by boat and taken on a ‘shopping’ tour.


Fruit and vegetables were in plentiful supply at the market and the locals also shop there.


A great variety of goods are sold from boats and as we floated along, our boatman stopped off at many of these well-stocked booths where everything you could imagine in the way of tourist souvenirs was on offer at good prices.


Exploring the Khlongs and canals in Bangkok is done on one of the long-tail boats which are like tuk-tuks on water. The wooden seats are not the most comfortable, but my sit-upon survived the almost two hour tour and the scenery was so interesting.


In Patong I spotted these guys seated on the back of a truck advertising the Thai Boxing Stadium, a visit to which unfortunately was not included in our itinerary,  Muay Thai is a traditional form of full contact kickboxing that utilizes kicks and punches as well as elbow and knee strikes, so definitely no sitting down involved. I think it would be quite fascinating to watch though whilst seated at a safe distance.

DSCF3014 2

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Word a Week Challenge: Reclining Golden ‘Boys’.

Sue’s latest Word a Week’ challenge is ‘Recline’. When I see or hear that word, I immediately think of our visit to the  ‘Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangklaram Ratchaworamahawihan’ temple in Bangkok. (Try saying that without your teeth in.) Better known as ‘Wat Pho’, this temple is home to the ‘Reclining Buddha’. It’s the largest Buddha in Thailand at 46 x 15 metres, and is covered from head to toe in gold leaf. The eyes and the soles of its feet are inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The statue barely fits into the space provided, so I had to ‘chop off’ his feet to get the pic. I also cropped it to get rid of all the tourists crowding around him.


Today, we fly off to New Jersey to visit our family there. Little Max, the youngest member,  likes to do a bit of reclining himself. Our son sent us this selfie at the weekend.



I may be a bit scarce for a few days, so please just talk amongst yourselves until I return, and do have a great weekend. 🙂

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Ed’s Sunday Stills: Pesky Power Lines

Those power lines that invade your photos, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid giving them pride of place. For his Sunday Stills Challenge this week, Ed has asked us to show him some of these pesky visual pollutants that have so often stood in the way of the perfect shot. I think Phuket in Thailand must certainly be a contender for first prize, with its prolific mess of ugly power lines, which tend to ruin every shot one takes. Thanks Ed for giving me a chance to use these photos. 🙂 (Click on any image to see the bigger picture.)

The busy shopping area in the beach town of Patong.

The busy shopping area in the beach town of Patong.

The Tiger Disco on Patong's infamous Bangla Road.

The Tiger Disco on Patong’s infamous Bangla Road.


Dino's BBQ Restaurant, Patong. Fight your way though the power lines to get in.

The Dino BBQ Restaurant, Karon Beach. Fight your way though the power lines to get in.

My view of the rather beautiful architecture was marred by the unsightly power lines.

My view of the rather beautiful architecture was marred by the unsightly power lines.

The main shopping street in Kata Beach.

The main shopping street in Kata Beach.

These pics were taken in 2012, and I read that there’s now a project underway to clean up the tangle of electrical cables which festoon the streets. Apparently they were quite dangerous, as the electrical systems weren’t always properly grounded, and electric shock is a distinct possibility for unwary pedestrians who may come into contact with an exposed outlet. In the wet season, someone could easily be electrocuted by stepping into a puddle which had a live wire dangling in it. The occurrence of a few such fatal incidents, has prompted the authorities to do something about it. One really has to ask oneself how it could have got so bad, without anyone noticing. They must have very untidy electricians there.

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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: No, I didn’t buy it.

For Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge this week, here is an outfit on a model outside a Phuket curio shop in Patong. As you can imagine, it was difficult to resist, but although hubby said it would suit me, I was quite content with just a photo of what might have been.

Not quite me. :)

Not quite me. 🙂

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