Lighthouse Progress for Paula’s Thursday Special

This week, Paula’s ‘Thursday’s Special’ theme is ‘Imperfection’. I think this would be a good place to show you the progress I’ve made with my lighthouse painting. This was my third art class, and I would have liked to have got a bit further by now, but this week, my more experienced classmates were quite demanding of the teacher’s attention, and I got a bit neglected. I’m going to have to practice shouting,”When you’ve got a minute!” as they do. 🙂


There’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s coming on quite well. I doubt it will ever be perfect, but it’s not bad for a first effort. I still have to add a few seagulls and also some grasses in the foreground. I think that next time, I’ll choose to paint something a bit more abstract, rather than a structure. Getting the 3D effect is quite tricky.

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