A Pre-dinner Alligator

Yesterday evening, just after I popped my salmon fillets into the oven, I happened to look out across the lake. The water level is quite low at the moment, and a ledge of rock has been exposed. A tri-coloured heron was standing looking down at the ledge, which seemed to have grown a few scales.


The lazily reclining alligator appeared to have grown quite a bit since I last saw him.


I stood watching him for a few minutes and then the oven pinged, so I went back inside to rescue the salmon before it overcooked. When I looked again two minutes later, Mr. A had disappeared.


I assumed he’d gone home for the night and I started to make the salad, but something told me to just have one more look out of the window. There he was again, and heading in my direction. When hubby arrived home from his renovating, he found me standing rather close to the edge of the lake, taking a few closeups.


This morning there’s no sign of him, but that doesn’t mean to say he’s not here. I’ll keep an eye out.

Wishing you all a splendid weekend, and very happy Easter or Passover if you are celebrating.