Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Isolated Objects

Here’s a gorgeous tri-coloured heron in monochrome for this week’s ‘Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge‘. Still so beautiful and and even more elegant without the colour.




Cee’s FFC ‘Feathers’: Splendour In The Grass

I have so many bird photos, so  the question was “Which ones to choose?” For something a bit different for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I decided to do a feathers and grass combination.

Here is the elegant Great Egret stalking around amongst the grass stalks, looking for tasty morsels.


The bright blue eyed White Ibis is doing much the same.


Mr. Anhinga shows us how he dries off his wet feathers whilst scratching his back.


Mr. GBH  at his most sinister as he skulks along the shore-line looking for supper.


How beautiful is this Purple Gallinule as he clambers through the marsh grasses on his long legs?


Just a stray bit of grass qualifies this gorgeous Tri-colored Heron to be included in my  post today.


Wishing you all a very happy week.


Six Word Saturday: Six Critters From My Bathroom Window

This morning, I looked out and thought there was an alligator on my neighbour’s lawn across the water.That iguana must be at least 6 feet long!


Then peering down, I noticed that right beneath my window was another one of a very similar size. I think we’re being taken over by these creatures.


Across on the palm tree was Basil the basilisk, looking even more serious than usual.

DSCN9006Sammy squirrel was having a nice upside-down stretch whilst nibbling his breakfast.


Out at the water’s edge, Trini the tri-colored heron was calling out something I couldn’t hear.


Maybe he was just saying, “Good morning” to his buddy Otto the otter.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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New Home, New Neighbours

Today I finally had a few moments to take my camera and venture through the construction site which will one day be my living area,


to see what new neighbours I could find.

At first glance, there didn’t seem to be much going on out back. It just looked like a calm and peaceful scene.

DSCN7253A closer inspection through my lens however, revealed  many inhabitants of those pine trees. How many Pelicans can you spot?


One lazy Peli looked to be sleeping rather late today.


Away to the left, cute Mr. Iggy was on lookout duty in his bright orange waistcoat.


The dainty Miss Limpkin was busy examining the smorgasbord along the water’s edge. I read that Limpkins are particularly partial to apple snails, as well as insects and tadpoles. I hope she found something to her liking.


A couple of days ago, hubby spotted an alligator chatting to a tricolored heron across the water.  If he’s going to be a regular visitor, I guess he’ll have to have a name. I think I’ll called him Mr. AB (for Ali Baba), as there could never be another Mr. A in my life. He will always hold a special place in my heart, and if my friend was correct when I spoke to her at dinner last night, it sounds like he was caught by the trappers shortly after our move. That makes me very sad to think of him having his freedom taken away, and being driven away in the back of a truck with his mouth duct-taped shut.


On that sad note, I’ll wish you all a very happy weekend. My blogging should be back to normal next week.

P.S. Can someone please tell me how I switch my blog buddies’ e-mail notifications on again? I had to switch them off during the move, so I didn’t end up with hundreds of e-mails, but can’t for the life of me find the place to re-tick to reverse it. (Sometimes it’s really such a pain being blonde.)


There’s a ‘Gator in my backyard.

Since our recent return to our house in Florida, I’ve been rather puzzled by the distinct lack of birdlife. Where was everybody? Even the ducks who used to float by several times a day, were absent. Mr. GBH has only put in a single appearance, just to let me know that he’s still around, and I’ve seen a couple of Great Egrets flying overhead, but other than that, the place has been sadly deserted.

Yesterday the mystery might have been solved, when this fearsome creature was seen gliding right past our back yard.


A sassy Tricolored Heron strutted along the bank, almost keeping pace with him, and seemed to be giving Mr. A the ‘evil eye’. I could almost hear him calling, “Get out of here, and leave the fishing to us birds!”


Mr. A, totally unperturbed, called back, “Here’s  looking at you, kid!” before continuing on his merry way.


I then remembered how much the same thing had happened a couple of years ago, and once ‘Mr. Smiley’ was gone, the birds all came back again.